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Here at In2tec we’ve been at the forefront of innovation in Sustainable Electronics Technology with 20+ years in the development, design, and manufacture of highly sustainable flexible electronics.

Our design philosophy is that “nothing is impossible.”

At our core, everything we do is underpinned by the belief that “nothing is impossible.” To this end, we have developed a strength that allows us to bring together disparate and often conflicting design requirements, to provide systems and solutions that offer greater efficiency and better ergonomic design, through the breaking down of design and barriers and solving the most challenging problems.

Investing in our Innovation Engine, central to which is our Research & Development Centre in the UK, we have developed world firsts, driving invention through R&D, and challenging not only ourselves, but conventional thinking. With our patented technology, we help customers gain a competitive advantage.

The Innovation Pipeline

We make innovation a permanent part of our everyday efforts. Moreover, we carve out time in our strategic planning specifically for it, so we actively invest in our technology development plan which is fundamental to support our innovation culture and endeavours.

  • Developed patented technology ‘ReUSE®’ – to provide material, models and process technology to deliver sustainable printed circuit board assemblies. Using proprietary electronics design and manufacturing techniques along with patented ReUSE® conductive adhesives, inter-layer adhesives, printed inks and dielectrics, to deliver printed circuit assemblies with 100% recyclability
    • Together with ‘ReCYCLE™’ – In2tec’s patent-pending low-energy electronic component process and modules detachment process delivers fully reusable and undamaged components and materials for use in second-life
    • ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ can deliver 100 % material recycling of its printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs)
  • Our sustainable flexi-circuit assemblies and data communications are conformable within the shape and curves of the assembly shell to deliver reductions in profile and weight, the advantage of which is unrivalled ergonomic design possibilities
  • We designed and manufactured the first automotive-style seat switch unit to Boeing and Airbus spec, which is incorporated into the innovative Cathay Pacific Business Class cabin
  • Smart Office, capacitive touch tray table, is short-listed for the aerospace Crystal Cabin Awards. A folding tray table that transforms into a keyboard when a passenger inserts a Bluetooth-enabled tablet
  • Patented printed ‘flat shielded twisted pair’ interconnect system and circuit assembly solutions developed – an alternative to traditional flexible printed circuits for advantages of sustainability, interconnectivity, weight & cost.
    • It delivers a step change for data transmission. The shielded twisted pair provides a data transfer system with a twisted pair hard-wire cable in a planar arrangement, printed on flexible or stiffened thermo-formable substrates. The process involves layering conductive inks, dielectric insulators, and crossover technology to produce thin, flexible, shielded serial communication links. Used in conjunction with our Iflex® dynamic circuit technology, it also integrates the PCBA and the inter-connection system, potentially eliminating the connector systems
  • First on-skin medical wearable device is manufactured in high-volume, for use in operation theatres across Europe
  • Integrating our flexible electronics technologies into F1 Steering Wheels, provides the capability to create the lightest, most space-efficient wheel
  • In2sense 3D – provided the ability to form conductive circuits to the shape of end products and with it developed the world’s first complex curved, smartphone-style interface panel. This capability delivers advantages for end products around shape, weight, space, and cost, together with low system height resulting from a system combining illumination, SMT components, processor, and touch sensor on a single complex curved plane
  • 3D complex curve technology with integrated electroluminescent, LED, or optic fibre rear illumination capability to meet your precise Smart HMI requirements
  • Capacitive and haptic touch switch product development capability using the best in the global quantum active circuit arena

Find out how our innovation could help you

Talk to us today to discover how we could provide the inspiration, capabilities, and patented processes to help you by delivering originality for you to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

E. Enquiries@in2tec.com

T + 44 (0)1536 419200 (office hours GMT: 8.30am-5.00pm Mon-Thurs; 8.30am-2.30pm Fri)

For more information about In2tec technologies and capabilities, please visit https://www.in2tec.com/about-us

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