Advantages of In2Sense 3D for your Smart HMI

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Smart HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) are becoming increasingly important across a diverse range of industries, spanning automotive, healthcare, military, banking, aerospace and more. They allow people to interact with machinery in complex and intuitive ways, but as the expectations we place on these technologies increase Smart HMI solutions are needed that deliver the optimal user experience, no matter what sector you work within.

That’s where In2sense 3D from In2tec steps in. It allows you to design the perfect Smart HMI that fits the specification of your end product. That means no more bulky, counterintuitive devices built around outdated and rigid PCBs – just ergonomic, lightweight and sustainable HMIs to give your business a competitive advantage.

Smart HMIs designed to your specification

In2Sense 3D breaks down design barriers by giving you the ability to form conductive circuits to the shape of your application, allowing you to create products that don’t follow the traditional, planar, 2D formula for creating HMIs. That means they can be designed exactly to your bespoke specifications, with features such as contouring and curvature of surfaces made possible – providing a solution perfect for multiple industries requiring specific ergonomic designs.

Our 3D complex curve technology allows us to integrate numerous features into a homogenous finished panel for your Smart HMI specifications, including illumination capabilities like our elegant “secret-til-lit” technology. All of this is possible thanks to our innovative Flexible Electronic Solutions, which enables us to manufacture the smart HMI of your dreams without the restrictions of designing around the limitations of flat, rigid PCBs.

Compact, ultra-light Smart HMI solutions

Our Smart HMIs can be designed with maximum efficiency in mind, reducing the surface height between the interface and the underlying circuit to its absolute minimum and mounting multiple components on a single, curved plane.

This ensures your smart HMIs deliver an optimal user experience. 3D formed electronics allow for ergonomic designs that traditional PCBs are simply incapable of providing, since these devices can become bulky or unintuitive in their need to be designed around a 2D planar model.

The compact nature of In2Sense 3D technology means that our HMIs can include curved or even flexible interfaces in all applications including wearables, medical devices, and automotive and transport displays. This doesn’t just give them a unique visual flair for competitive advantage– it guarantees that our HMIs are easy to carry, focused on ergonomic quality, and completely intuitive to suit yours and your end users’ requirements.

Sustainable Smart HMIs

Our innovation doesn’t just stop there thanks to our sustainable technology. Our patented technology ‘ReUSE®’ provides material, models, and process technology to deliver sustainable solutions that allow a truly circular economy and deliver a positive impact towards achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions. Using proprietary electronics design and manufacturing techniques along with patented ReUSE® conductive adhesives, inter-layer adhesives, printed inks and dielectrics, we can deliver printed circuit assemblies with 100% recyclability. This, together with ‘ReCYCLE™’ – In2tec’s patent-pending low-energy electronic component process and modules detachment process delivers fully reusable and undamaged components and materials for use in second-life, feeding the circular economy. ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ can deliver 100 % material recycling of its printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). This contrasts sharply with typical PCBA material recycling of just 3-5 %.

With In2Sense 3D technology you get a quality smart HMI that delivers product advantages around shape, weight, space which is designed exactly to your requirements, and that doesn’t compromise on sustainability. Perfect across the spectrum of industries, and intuitively designed with cutting-edge technology, In2tec can deliver Smart HMIs that vastly outperform devices made with traditional PCBs.

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