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With differing applications requiring differing solutions, the breadth of requirements for antennas to provide systems and user interconnectivity in vehicles is huge and is expected to grow significantly. Recent market studies forecast the global automotive antenna market segment will reach the estimated market value of US$11Bn by 2027.

The wide range of potential frequency bands (MHz to GHz) coupled with potential mounting location challenges means that for every application there is an optimum design to be achieved. We understand these challenges and appreciate that no single solution fits all. In2tec’s unique formation of antennas always allows the driver and vehicle to stay connected. In short:

  • the GPS system L1 (1575.42 MHz) and L2 (1227.60 MHz) are ideally suited for slot and monopole antenna solutions, with the design tuned to their specific requirements
  • UHF – TV, DAB and domestic radio cover the 88-108 MHz 217MHz ranges. Optically clear planar antennas prove ideal for these lower frequency operations
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ISM operate in the microwave 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz bands and are ideal for slot and monopole antennas to provide device and in-vehicle connectivity

In2tec has been working in the automotive market for 20 years. Our Research & Development Centre in the UK continually expands our technology, process knowledge, and capability, to provide our automotive customers with a range of solutions to meet growing and complex technology needs. Within this we developed an array of printed antenna solutions to meet the requirements of the fast-developing automotive market, providing effective transmission and reception of wireless communication, including for areas of the vehicle not usually easily accessed for antenna integration.

With our wide range of printed flexible antenna system solutions, we allow disparate devices to interconnect and include conformable and transparent antennas. Breaking down the barriers to design they:

  • open the opportunity to utilise more real estate of the vehicle for communication technologies, including reception for GPS, radio telemetry, and inter-vehicle communications
  • suit a range of applications as they can be formed in varying degrees of 3D profiles
  • can be built into sensor covers and applied to lenses, sunroofs, roof panels, windows, mirrors, as well as within the cabin due to their transparent characteristics

We have design and material solutions to meet any antenna system need. One example would be utilising the latest Carbon Nano-Tube technologies where near optically clear (VTL 90-94%) antennas can be achieved. Our advanced material and design constructions are customised to each antenna’s requirement, and with our innovation experience we are ideally placed to identify, create, and implement the right solution for any specific application. We understand that vehicle ADAS and awareness systems and the need to provide exceptional driver and passenger experience is a combination essential for automotive success. Working with us opens your opportunities around design and functionality and puts you at the forefront of innovation for safety and connectivity.

Our embedded culture of design-for-manufacture ensures we provide optimal and practical deliverable solutions, achieved by working with our customers from embryonic concept through to volume delivery, providing product manufactured to the most exacting standards via our wholly-owned centres of excellence in the UK and China.

With customised 3D formable and transparent antenna solutions we provide the right innovative solution for the most challenging briefs for our automotive customers. Providing lightweight and fully flexible electronics allows us to streamline the design, minimise size, and remove excess material and wastage. As our Flexible Printed Electronics provide highly reliable solutions and give a reduction in potential failure points, a longer product life is also achieved.

Crucially, our customers can improve their sustainability and gain critical weight savings without any effort. Our product and material focus provide a game-changing level of recyclability, with the sole aim of improving the circular economy in the automotive arena. We strive for 100% recyclability. The incorporation of electronic systems within vehicles does not need to be at the expense of the environment. With the provision of our sustainable substrates, conductive and process technologies and constructions utilising less material, it is possible to achieve significant improvements in automotive sustainability as well as reduce vehicle weight.

In2tec also offer our patented ReUSE® technology, which is a set of flexible electronics materials and processes that can be disassembled for component and material recycling. Utilised in several customer industries our ReUSE® solutions are a fundamental step-change towards significantly improving sustainability and tackling e-Waste, and takes the recyclability of today’s traditional electronics from typically 3-5% to over 90%.

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