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The requirements for surface heaters in automotive are growing and look set to continue doing so exponentially in the coming years. The expanding use of sensor technologies, not only in inter-connected vehicles but also in autonomous vehicles, is driving this trend. When it comes to surface heaters to maximise sensor performance or improve driver and passenger experience, we know no single solution fits all. Differing applications require tailored solutions.

To help meet the needs of heater systems for the automotive market, In2tec are ideally placed to identify, design, and implement the right electronics to deliver a product that integrates the control mechanisms of heaters via our advanced heater solutions. With over 25-years of experience in R&D and innovation, we are pushing the boundaries on printed and transparent heater systems, opening opportunities around design and functionality. This allows us to put our automotive customers at the forefront of innovation for safety and driver experience.

In2tec has been developing transparent and semi-transparent heater systems for vehicles for the last ten years. We provide the latest in:

  • Sputter-coated ITO
  • Thin printed conductive wire solutions
  • Carbon Nano-Tube technologies (CNB™ and CNT)

CNB™ technologies allow for high transparency that can increase a lens surface temperature by 10°C in less than six seconds even when applied to formed 3D shapes. This is critical for combatting diverse weather conditions and environmental effects that can diminish the effectiveness of lights and vehicle sensors, adversely affecting ADAS and vital safety and camera sensors that provide driving assistance and alert the driver to potential safety risks around them.

We deliver our customers with a targeted solution to exactly match the needs of any given application. There is an array of needs for our heater system solutions that include:

  • Automotive in-lens heaters and ADAS support
  • Warm-to-touch surfaces with integrated heating systems to enhance the feel of quality and comfort
  • Heated windows, mirrors, sunroofs, and all areas of vehicle real estate

We take an application-based review of technologies, material construction, and manufacturing processes, that deliver the customised solutions to meet the product specification, on-vehicle location, and customer desired features and needs. Our material and process capabilities deliver transparent solutions with high optical clarity and near-zero haze and formed surface heater solutions in 3D profiles to follow the contours of lens heaters, sensor covers, or HMI panels and controls.

Our formed flexible electronic technologies can work in synergy with the heater elements to provide a full system solution integrated within a single unit. We can design the heater and control system in a single highly compact and electronically efficient product that offers conformity, as well as saving critical space and weight. These are not easily achieved using traditional standard technologies.

A core part of our DNA is our passion and commitment in delivering quality systems that benefit the application with minimal environmental impact. Providing lightweight and fully flexible circuits allows us to streamline your design and remove excess material and wastage, and as our highly reliable solutions reduce the potential failure points such as traditional connector points, a longer product life is achievable.

Our focus to deliver significant value with our heater solutions provides our automotive customers with market-leading functionality, aesthetics, and design, bound within a robust, environmentally sustainable package. In offering a wealth of product and material knowledge alongside our conductive and process technologies we provide a game-changing level of recyclability to improve the circular economy in the automotive arena.

Interested to find out more?

To find out how could our capabilities, innovation, and experience in heater solutions could help you achieve your technology wish list and meet the demands of your product specification please get in touch with us today.


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