How capacitive switching improves aesthetics and functionality

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At In2tec, we’re all about finding the right solution for our customers. We are increasingly seeing customers requesting touchscreen interfaces, without knowing that there are alternatives that give the same aesthetic while costing less. Full touchscreens are expensive and difficult to produce but are great interfaces if you require the end user to use the entire screen. However, if the end user is only to use the interface for a few switches or buttons they aren’t the best solution. This is where our capacitive switches come in.

Our design capabilities and extensive experience in capacitive switching means we can offer bespoke interfaces with a high tech ‘smartphone-style’ aesthetic. For example, our In2sense interfaces are a high tech capacitive switch offering which can rival the aesthetics of a touchscreen, but at a much cheaper price. By offering a black gloss front panel and secret-till-lit illumination, the interface can look like an LCD screen. Secret-till-lit illumination means that the switches are only illuminated when they need to be, which allows for user prompting switches. By using a black mask to create this effect, we don’t alter the black gloss appearance and allow for a sleek appearance.

By offering bespoke design services, we can create a capacitive switching solution which is entirely unique to your application. From the illumination, shape and size of the switches to the materials used, anything is possible.

In2tec have over 10 years of experience in capacitive switching meaning we can create complex interfaces such as QWERTY keyboards which can self-calibrate to reduce noise and remain water-proof. By starting with your end specification and working to create the electronic solution you need, you get the luxury of an LCD screen without any of the cost.

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