Compulsory Face Coverings and how In2tec can help

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Here at In2tec we have put our skills and ingenuity into effect, by designing and manufacturing protective Face Shields for donation to UK NHS Trusts and Care Providers in need.

The In2tec Face Shield is one of very few available to meet legal Class III standards for Covid-19, providing Medical-Grade protection against hazardous biological exposure and is designed specifically to protect against both virus and bacteria.

In2tec Ltd continues to donate Face Shields to UK NHS Trusts and Care Providers

Since In2tec commenced the manufacture and donation of Face Shields to UK NHS Trusts and Care Providers back in April, the team here continued to work long and hard to ensure we can keep our donation pledge going. Every request for a donation received from UK NHS Trusts and Care Homes has been fulfilled, but the drive and dedication to continue donations for those in need remains as strong as ever.

Turning In2tecs’ engineering, design and manufacturing skills to the production of protective Face Shields was borne from the desire to help front-line medical workers and care providers, and the protection of our most vulnerable at this most challenging time.

In2tec first committed to this when a long-established employee raised the issue of the shortage and lack of adequate PPE that his wife and her colleagues were experiencing in their health care roles. The team at In2tec, supported by our CEO Neil Armstrong were keen to support front line medical workers by helping make up for the widely reported shortage of PPE.

UK CE EN166 Class III Certified Face Shields

Despite the number of Covid-19 cases in the UK being reported as having passed the peak, wearing face coverings in shops and supermarkets is to become mandatory in England from 24 July 2020, in line with Scotland and other European Countries. Those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100, the government has announced.

There are some exceptions to the wearing of compulsory coverings, with reasonable exemption reasons having been outlined, such as travelling with someone who needs to lip-read, those with conditions like autism or who experience severe distress as a result of wearing one.

Face masks and coverings also prevent critical non-verbal communication that many rely on, which is also a critical part of assessments and treatment plans carried out by medical professionals.

It is fundamental that every person has the same rights and access to protective equipment that minimises their stress and discomfort, which is what the In2tec Face Shield can provide in the protection of the wearer that masks and coverings cannot.

The Face Shield does not impact breathing which is beneficial for all, but particularly those with asthma, or other pre-existing medical conditions that affect breathing.

Compared to Face Masks, speech is not muffled by Face Shields and non-verbal facial communication signs and signals are fully visible.

There is no porous material, so no bacteria or virus can be absorbed, and at a breathable distance from the face it will not irritate or itch the skin, meaning the wearer does not touch their face.

There are many shields and visor products available to purchase today, but the In2tec Face Shield is one of very few available to meet legal Class III standards for Covid-19. It provides Medical-Grade protection against hazardous biological exposure and is designed specifically to protect against both virus and bacteria. This Polycarbonate Face Shield offers clarity and protection that other non-Class III Polyester face shields are unable to meet.

Providing full freedom of movement, the ultra-lightweight, high-visibility, disposable Face Shield is the perfect solution for the protection of the face, eyes, nose, mouth, and respiratory system. And it is the perfect solution for the protection of us all, whether it be worn on a shopping trip, in a Care Home, an NHS Trust Hospital, or for Commercial use in the protection of employees.

The In2tec Face Shield is designed to provide safe, prolonged use for the wearer due to its’ high-optical clarity, something that the Class III standard ensures, and that lesser polyester shields cannot meet.

Furthermore, In2tec’s ethos as a Sustainable Technology Provider also means that our Face Shield is 100% recyclable.

The number of active cases remains high and the threat of infection is still very real for everyone. Unfortunately, there is still a significant number of Care Homes and Care Providers throughout the UK who do not have the PPE they need to keep themselves, their patients, and their residents safe. In2tec continues to donate Face Shields to UK Care Homes and Providers throughout the crisis.

Neil Armstrong, CEO and Founder of In2tec commented, “We made the decision to invest and I could not be prouder of the ingenuity of our whole team in how they have applied their capabilities to support our communities.”

The Face Shields are available to purchase in packs of 5 for domestic and SME use, to multiple pallets for larger commercial demand. Click here for more details or to purchase In2tec Face Shields.

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