NBEA Sustainability Award Winners 2022

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In2tec’s solution to cease landfill E-Waste

Here at In2tec we are delighted to announce we have won the Sustainability Award 2022 for our Sustainable Electronics Technology that combats Ewaste, presented by NBEA the awards were judged by a team led by Nick Hewer.  

E-waste is on a trajectory to become one of the major ecological disasters, eclipsing both plastic and chemical waste. Our ReUSE solution provides materials, models, and process technology to deliver electronic Printed Circuit Board Assemblies that are fully recyclable and reusable. Our solution includes ReCYCLE, a closed-loop design of recycling and re-use ecosystem.

At In2tec we are innovators in Sustainable Electronics Technologies with 25 years in the development, design and manufacture of highly sustainable flexible electronics.

We are driving towards a sustainable future. Working in printed circuit board and printed circuit assembly (PCBA) technology, where the standard current technology is predominately based around thermoset resin boards and copper conductors, we identified a need for change. These assemblies have only up to 5% recyclability and significantly less reusability of materials and components. There were no truly circular strategies available and at best only precious metals being reclaimed.

The advanced highly recyclable flexible and flexi-hybrid electronics technologies we have developed embrace our commitment to providing materials, design models, and manufacturing methodologies that allow a truly circular economy and deliver a positive impact towards achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions. We have spent the last 15 years researching and developing a way to manufacture 100% recyclable printed circuit board assemblies and have created ReUSE®. 

ReUSE® provides substrates, circuit tracks, and component bonding systems that can be fully un-zipped, that is disassembled, using hot water. ReCYCLE™, our un-zipping process, completely separates the substrate, conductors and components in a low-energy, low-stress environment allowing full recovery and re-usability. ReUSE® hybrid circuit assemblies are highly recyclable and consume some 10 times less C02e compared to other flexible circuit solutions such as Kapton (PI).  Completely unzippable printed circuit electronic assembly allow recyclable and reusable substrates and components, feeding a circular economy. 

Changing just 2.5% of global PCBA production to reusable electronic components saves over 2.4 billion tonnes of CO2 every year, the equivalent carbon offset of 91 million mature trees per year.

Our technology is providing a solution, to cease landfill E-waste through 100% recycling of substrates, conductive circuits, and electronic components, via ultra-low energy unzipping and second-life usage for constituent parts.

There is a large problem with disposing of E-Waste effectively, with open-air burning and acid baths used to recover valuable materials from electronic components which expose workers and the environment to harmful substances. These practices can expose workers to high levels of contaminants such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, which can lead to irreversible adverse health effects, including cancers, miscarriages, neurological damage, and diminished IQs.

E-waste is also non-biodegradable and accumulates in the environment, in the soil, air, water and living things. The open-air burning and acid baths used release toxic materials which leach into the environment.

We created a new vision for the production and consumption of electronic and electrical goods, one that kept all our future generations in mind. As a manufacturer, we know how crucial our role is in reducing waste and extending the economic and physical life of an item, as well as its ability to be repaired, recycled, and reused. This is what drove us to develop our ReUSE®, a way for us to ‘Protect future generations by Inspiring Sustainable Electronics.

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