How flexi-hybrid electronics provide a solution for Smart HMI

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“Create conformable, lighter solutions with focus on connectivity and reliability”

There is huge potential to develop Smart HMI capabilities and their applications by integrating electronic functionality into new settings to achieve the ultimate design solutions and innovation. Compared to traditional electronics, which generally involves finding space for the rigid form of a PCB, flexible electronics can be integrated, being contoured, and wrapped around a complex curve, and indeed added to any part of smooth real estate.

Here at In2tec, the leading technology solutions provider and innovator in Sustainable Electronics and Smart HMI, we create solutions built on the latest in sustainable flexi-hybrid technology, underpinned with highly recyclable electronic assemblies. We utilise advanced and patented flexible electronics that effectively address packaging constraints, function and aesthetics. 

In2tec’s innovative flexible electronics allow a more free-form approach to the design and shape of HMI applications. Our flexible electronic technology permits the design of complex 3D shapes to allow for sensors and the user input interface to fit seamlessly within the complex and limited real estate of assemblies, as articulated in our Steering Wheel technology demonstrator. This means not only can every area of real estate be utilised, while significantly reducing both profile and weight, but also enabling the design and manufacture of pioneering, innovative Smart HMI applications.

Our innovative approach enables the creation of integrated electronic technologies for all manner of Smart HMI using robust connections provided by our patented flat shielded twisted pair communications technology which we developed for ultra-reliable connectivity.

Underpinned by 20+ years expertise in Smart HMI, In2tec is known for delivering innovation across all sectors, including the automotive, aerospace, medical and banking industries. We are pushing the boundaries with conformable solutions, building on the latest in connectivity for the benefit of user experience and moreover offering highly sustainable electronic solutions. Using the latest in Smart HMI, touch technologies, and 3D conformable circuit boards, we have flexible electronic solutions to help you transform the future of Smart HMI manufacture and design, crucially encompassing highly recyclable electronic assemblies and low carbon footprint recycling processes.  

With R&D facilities based in the UK and manufacturing centres in the UK and China, we deliver innovative Smart HMI technology solutions in weight, shape, look and feel, from simple projects through to the most demanding specifications. Established in 2001 following a management buy-out, we are headquartered in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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