How In2tec Touch Switching Interfaces offer designers a popular solution for smart technologies to create sleek, aesthetics with choice

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At In2tec we are increasingly seeing customers wanting touch switch interfaces with their designers and engineers needing to create sleek control panels and interfaces. Where the end user only needs to use a few buttons or switches on the interface, as opposed to using the whole screen, then this is a more cost-effective solution than a full touchscreen. It’s where our capacitive switches and technology provide a distinct advantage.

As the leading technology solutions provider and innovator in Sustainable Electronics and Smart HMI, we create solutions built on the latest in sustainable flexi-hibrid™ technology and underpinned with highly recyclable electronic assemblies that utilise advanced and patented flexible electronics that address packaging constraints, function, and aesthetics.

Bespoke complex interfaces with a high-tech, stylised ‘smartphone-style’ aesthetic

Our design capabilities and extensive experience in capacitive switching means we can offer bespoke complex interfaces with a high-tech, stylised ‘smartphone-style’ aesthetic. For example, our In2Sense 3D interfaces are a high-tech capacitive switch offering which can rival the aesthetics of a touchscreen, but at a lower cost. By offering a black gloss front panel and Secret-til-Lit illumination with the buttons only illuminating on contact, the interface can have the appearance of an LCD screen. Secret-til-lit illumination means that the switches are only illuminated upon contact, so when they need to be, which allows for user-prompting switches. By using a black mask to create this effect, they have high optical transparency, as well as a sleek look.

These panels do not rely on physical movement of the substrate to register a point of contact and respond to varying degrees of touch and sliding motions, differing from resistive touch screens where firm pressure must be used. They can be bonded to the reverse of diverse types and thicknesses of front cover material including PET and glass. This means assemblies can be made extremely robust, waterproof, as well as vandal resistant to suit an array of HMI applications. Furthermore, since there are no moving parts, they are more durable. Of course, capacitive touch technology panels allow users to interact in various ways providing a more intuitive user experience when including features like multi-touch which allows the device to recognise and process multiple touches simultaneously via numerous pressure points.

Capacitive touch device screens offer the advantage of ease of cleaning and because they can be completely sealed this prevents contaminants like dust and condensation getting inside the display and affecting performance. Additionally, the application of anti-microbial materials can also be applied to the surface of device screens for added hygiene and protection.

Capacitive touch panels provide brilliant design flexibility and cost-effective solutions with lower tooling costs.

By offering bespoke design services, we can create a capacitive switching solution which is entirely unique to your application; from illumination, shape and form to size and the materials used, anything is possible.

In2tec have over 15 years of experience in capacitive switching meaning we can create complex, innovative interfaces for all applications from QWERTY keyboards, which can self-calibrate to reduce noise and remain waterproof, to vehicle and aircraft switch control units. We work across all sectors including automotive, banking, retail, medical, wearable, and industrial settings. We are experienced at integrating our flexi-hibrid™ technologies into touch switch interface solutions to develop advanced HMI solutions. We always start with your end specification and work to create the electronic solution you need, so you get the luxury of an LCD screen without its associated cost.

With R&D facilities based in the UK and manufacturing centres in the UK and China, we deliver innovative Smart HMI technology solutions for fit, weight, shape, look and feel, from simple projects through to the most demanding specifications.

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