In2tec answer the national call to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Donation to UK NHS Trusts and Care Providers

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In2tec employees quickly turn engineering, design and manufacturing skills to produce protective Face Shields

In2tec employees – who usually design and manufacture flexible electronic solutions for OEM’s across a multitude of industries inc. Medical, Automotive and Aerospace – have quickly turned engineering, design and manufacturing skills to the production of protective Face Shields for those helping the country at our time of need.

Emma Final, In2tec Commercial Director commented “We wanted to do our bit to support front-line medical workers in our local NHS Trust by helping make up for the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We made the decision to invest, and in a very short time our engineering team completed the development and operational processes to set up a new production line to make our Face Shields. I could not be prouder of the ingenuity of our team in how they have applied their capabilities to support our communities.

Having first reached out to our local NHS Trust in Kettering, I was keen to ensure our first batch of Face Shields was distributed to NHS front-line workers as soon as possible and was delighted to deliver them personally. With requests coming in from other UK Trusts in need, we will continue to manufacture and donate as many Face Shields as we can”.

Having been at the forefront of innovation in flexible electronics and HMI solutions for more than 30 years, each day we take pride in our ability to listen, learn, adapt and add value. And with our in-house expertise, from concept and design through to engineering and project management; combined with our high-quality manufacturing facilities means we can be relied up to deliver elegant solutions as part of a seamless supply chain.

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