In2tec push the boundaries on developing and delivering transparent conductive technologies to the market

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In2tec puxhing the boundaries with new CNT hybrid transparent conductive films and electrode materials.

Accelerating commercialisation of Transparent Flexible Electronics and creating go-to capability for Electronic Device innovation from concept to volume manufacture.

CHASM Advanced Materials is a premier global materials provider, with their exclusive range of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) hybrid transparent conductive films and electrode materials.

In2tec’s expertise in the field of Flexible Printed Electronics means they have become the first approved partner affiliated into what will be an exclusive network of “go-to companies” in the printed electronics industry; helping CHASM to offer their customers extensive supply, distribution, integration capabilities and consultative expertise on the latest innovations in printed electronics.

Through this integration, In2tec gains access to CHASM’s AgeNT™ line of patented material, delivering both high transparency and high conductivity in a form that is flexible and formable, has superior environmental stability, and is quick and economical to manufacture.

“The combination of our advanced printed electronics processing capabilities and the innovative CNT Hybrid materials allows In2tec to push the boundaries on developing and delivering transparent conductive technologies to the market,” said Neil Armstrong, CEO of In2tec.

The scope for utilisation of CHASM’s CNT materials in In2tec applications are vast. Antennas, Heaters, Vehicle Sensor Systems, Touch Sensors and Lighting all significantly benefit from the ability to be both flexible and transparent.  

In2tec’s ‘Innovation Engine’ is a technology driver in the field of printed electronics and HMI’s underpinning the company’s 30-years of expertise in many areas including dynamic circuit technology, conductive contouring, sustainability, Touchsense and ultra-fine pitch flexible technology.  In2tec has successfully helped companies to break down design barriers around shape, weight and formability, revolutionise the market with new products, improve functionality, increase sustainability, and discover easy ways to comply with ever changing regulations.

Spearheaded research means In2tec help customers to achieve clever, cost-effective solutions from the simplest to the most demanding specifications. This focus has enabled us to build a customer base that understands our “nothing is impossible approach”, securing loyal, long-term customer relationships who we develop solutions with year-on-year.

David J. Arthur, CEO and Co-Founder, CHASM Advanced Materials says “In2tec’s distinguished capabilities at helping customers go from concept to finished electronics product or assembly quickly, efficiently, and sustainably make them an ideal partner. We’re excited to accelerate the future of transparent printed electronics together.”

Get in touch with In2tec to see how we can apply cutting-edge technology and CNT hybrid materials to realise and accelerate your business and products:  

Call us on +44 (0) 1536 419200 or send a brief description of your requirements to enquiries@in2tec

For more information about In2tec technologies and capabilities, please visit

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