In2tec’s Capacitive Touch Technology provides a competitive advantage – improving functionality and aesthetics of HMIs

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Here at In2tec, our passion is creating sustainable, user-friendly electronics and HMIs that don’t compromise on quality. Across industries, including motorsports and automotive, medical, defence, and banking, we incorporate capacitive sensing technology into cost-effective and unique HMIs that give you a competitive advantage over equivalent touchscreen devices. Capacitive sensing detects changes in capacitance when two conductive surfaces interact, which is processed by the HMI to determine the input. But how can they offer flexible, practical, and visually appealing user experiences?

Discover the Flexibility of Capacitive Touch Technology

For some industries or uses, such as graphic design, touchscreen interfaces offer benefits because they can recognise complex motions and allow for multi-touch input. In other industries, however, capacitive sensors are much better suited to day-to-day functionality. Touchscreens can be fragile, and only achieve their full potential when the user needs to take advantage of the entire screen. Capacitive sensors offer greater durability in labour-intensive or challenging environments where an HMI needs to be transported from place-to-place on a daily basis, while also simplifying the input process to suit your business’ bespoke needs.

For example, in the medical sector, capacitive sensing interfaces can streamline the user experience for important devices, such as defibrillators. Without creating visual overload, capacitive sensors allow an operator to access the device’s most important functions quickly and efficiently. Capacitive sensing interfaces can also provide benefits on devices designed to be carried around within a healthcare facility, since they can be used while wearing medical gloves, helping to maintain a hygienic environment.

Beautify Your HMI with Capacitive Touch Technology

Along with simplifying the user experience, capacitive sensing interfaces from In2tec provide a sleek and aesthetically pleasing user experience through key features. With over ten years of experience working with capacitive sensing technology, our HMIs have a high-tech and glossy aesthetic that rivals the look of a touchscreen.

Using ‘secret-til-lit’ illumination, our capacitive sensor devices take on a clean look until activated by a user’s touch, when its buttons are illuminated from behind a seemingly black substrate, a mask that produces high-quality visuals that rival LCD screens. Nowhere are the visual advantages of our capacitive sensing HMIs more evident than in our In2sense Smart Office, a slick and compact business centre designed for working on a long flight. This innovative piece is a folding tray table designed to seamlessly convert into a keyboard. With a simple movement, users can insert their Bluetooth-enabled tablet into a designated slot, and the tray table instantly morphs into a functional keyboard.

The Smart Office demonstrates you can create elegant, user-friendly, and cost-effective devices that look great in any professional setting.

Capacitive Touch Technology Helps Your Budget Go Further

One of the greatest competitive advantages of capacitive touch HMIs is their incredible cost-effectiveness. And integrating haptic feedback technology, secret-til-lit illumination and sleek materials, these HMIs provide a robust visual and user experience for a cost-effective solution.

For every device we design or manufacture, one of our most important design goals is to create products sustainably, achieving reusability and up to 100% recyclability through our patented ReUSE® electronics design, suite of materials and production methods. That means our capacitive sensor HMIs aren’t just cost-efficient in the short-term; in the long term, our fully unzippable, sustainable components help combat global ewaste and contribute to an efficient, circular economy of electronics. With ReCYCLE ™ – In2tec’s patented pending low-energy electronic component process and modules detachment process it delivers fully reusable and undamaged components for use in second-life. 

Get in touch to find out more

In2tec are proud to be able to provide bespoke HMI solutions for any of your needs, meaning we’re always happy to advise on the design and manufacturing your next HMI device. We strive to create products that match your exact design specifications every time, and by using flexible circuit boards over traditional PCBs, we make sure that devices are built around your requirements – not around rigid electronics or bulky and inefficient materials.

To find out more, or to get in touch about a quote, you can contact our friendly sales team by phonee-mail or by filling out our contact form here.

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