In2tec leads innovation in the growing Sensor Systems market with Flexible Electronics

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Sensor systems play a vital role in our everyday lives

Sensor systems are now a staple part of our lives that enable great advances in early and continuous monitoring of information, and through data transmission, allow application-specific information to be efficiently and immediately available to the end-user.

The pace of electronic sensor development has taken a massive boost over the last few years with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Staying up to date has become a huge challenge for any business, but it is one we relish at In2tec. Our expanding technology and capabilities mean that we deliver tailor-made solutions for sensor system applications within various markets including Automotive, Healthcare, Leisure, Smart Homes, Retail and Emergency Services.

Healthcare sensors allow people to realise greater flexibility in their day-to-day routines as well as reducing the need for potentially long and costly hospital stays. In Automotive, inbuilt features on vehicles both aids vehicle safety and effectiveness and is propelling the industry into the new age of autonomous vehicles. Sensor systems allow athletes to monitor their fitness to ensure peak performance, can expand capabilities in manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and bring further developments for smart buildings and personal devices. Sensors are in all areas of our lives and that trend is set to continue and accelerate.

In2tec capabilities to fast-forward electronic sensor design

At In2tec we have always had a passion for innovative technology, making it our business not only to keep up to date with trends but to actively lead through innovation to provide new, improved, cost-effective solutions and advanced technology for the growing electronics markets.

Back in 2003, 6.3 billion people and nearly 500 million devices were connected to the Internet. By dividing the number of connected devices by the world population it was estimated that less than one device was used by every person. But, with the increasing focus of consumers toward smart devices, this is expected to increase to around 6.5 devices per person by the end of this year. By next year this will amount to a staggering 35 billion IoT devices installed and connected worldwide!

20 years ago, In2tec focused on developing the technologies and capabilities to print electronic circuit board assemblies for both placed and printed components using substrates with inherent properties that allow them to be dynamically manipulated.

Today, many major players in the wearable ecosystem are constantly striving to offer high-end innovations in wearable products, but the simple fact is that all sensor systems have increasing requirements if they are to achieve maximum functionality in a smaller, somewhat invisible package.

In2tec remains a pioneer in the development and manufacture of printed electronic solutions on formable and dynamic substrates, developing the required manufacturing process for flexible electronics, whilst in parallel ensuring high-performance devices can be delivered in an elegant, cost-effective way. Today we can help our customers to achieve smaller, lighter, formable, contoured end products that many still strive for.

Our capabilities – driven by our design philosophy that “nothing is impossible”

At our core, everything we do is underpinned by the belief that “nothing is impossible”. To this end, we have developed a strength that allows us to bring together disparate and often conflicting design requirements, to provide systems and solutions that offer greater efficiency and better ergonomic design, through the breaking down of design and barriers and solving the most challenging problems.

Get in touch – let us help you achieve your technology wish list

So how could our capabilities, innovation, and experience help you achieve your technology wish list whilst meeting the demands of your product specification?

To find out how we can benefit you and your products with our technology and capabilities, please get in touch with us today:

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