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The Benefits of In2tec HMIs in Aircraft Cabins

In recent years, technology has been transforming every aspect of our lives, including air travel. With the aim of enhancing passenger experiences, airlines are turning to innovative solutions. One example is the implementation of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) using capacitive touch switch capability in aircraft cabins, which in application aim to make air travel more enjoyable and comfortable for passengers. In2tec’s Smart HMI solutions offer numerous benefits to an aircraft passenger’s experience, taking advantage of capacitive touch technology to create innovative solutions with the user in mind, every time.

In2Sense Smart Office: Business Productivity at 30,000 Feet

In2Sense Smart Office is our HMI solution designed to offer passengers an in-flight business centre, enhancing productivity during their flight. With a focus on convenience and functionality, Smart Office incorporates a folding tray table that transforms into a keyboard when a passenger inserts a Bluetooth-enabled tablet into a dedicated slot. This transformative feature enables travellers to conveniently work on their electronic devices without the need for bulky external keyboards or limited space constraints.

·       Innovative Capacitive Touch Technology

One of the standout features of In2Sense Smart Office is its ‘secret-til-lit’ smart surface which means it can be used as a durable tray for standard in-flight usage until activated. Innovative capacitive touch technology transforms this sleek device into the perfect keyboard for comfort and efficiency. Self-calibrating and noise-resistant, the keyboard uses projective capacitance through an ultra-thin polycarbonate substrate, which together with a thin layer printed light guide, creates a seemingly black, ultra-modern keyboard display that responds perfectly to touch input. Furthermore, the illumination is designed to be easily visible without being obtrusive to fellow passengers.

·       The Latest in Haptic Feedback Technology

Typing on a touch-sensitive keyboard can often be challenging, especially in an aircraft environment where turbulence and vibrations are common. In2Sense Smart Office tackles this issue by incorporating haptic feedback, which provides subtle vibrations that simulate the sensation of pressing physical keys, making it easier for passengers to type accurately and efficiently. This innovative feature ensures that users can maintain their productivity without compromising on comfort or accuracy.

·       Prioritising Hygiene and Safety

Smart Office addresses concerns about hygiene and safeguarding with its antimicrobial surface, providing passengers with a clean and protected environment. The antimicrobial surface actively inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting a healthier cabin environment. Furthermore, the Smart Office’s resistant polycarbonate finish ensures durability, offering long-lasting performance even in high-traffic cabin areas.

Other Benefits of HMIs in Passenger Cabins

While In2Sense Smart Office brings notable advancements to the passenger cabin, HMIs in general offer a range of other benefits. One key advantage is improved ergonomics, as In2tec’s HMIs are designed with user comfort in mind. Intuitive interfaces alleviate mental strain on both passengers and cabin crew, enabling them to navigate aircraft systems effortlessly.

For example, Smart HMIs can provide seamless interaction between passengers and aircraft control systems like lighting, temperature control, and multi-media entertainment. Integrating capacitive touch technology into other areas of the cabin can provide an experience that goes beyond ‘Smart Office,’ allowing passengers to customise their environment with simple touch controls.

Furthermore, HMIs enhance operational efficiency for cabin crew members. Intuitive displays and controls reduce training requirements and streamline processes, allowing for crew members to focus more on providing exceptional customer service.

Lastly, Smart HMIs from In2tec create a sleek aesthetic in any aircraft cabin and can be fully customised to align with an airline’s brand identity. System designs can flow seamlessly from one device to another, creating a visually appealing experience for all passengers and cabin crew.

In conclusion, the adoption of HMIs for switches and displays in aircraft cabins gives you and your passengers greater control over every aspect of the experience. In2Sense Smart Office provides an amazing opportunity to serve the needs of your most valuable customers, but by incorporating HMIs across other areas of the cabin, airlines can improve productivity and create an aesthetically pleasing cabin environment.

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