In2tec shares innovative Smart HMI technology demonstrator video

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We are thrilled to share our Smart HMI video, showcasing the transformative potential of our Flexi-hibrid™ electronics in breaking down design barriers to reimagine HMI applications.

Incorporating our cutting-edge technology solutions addresses packaging constraints within ergonomic designs, unlocks new user experience possibilities, and improves sustainability with circularity in electronics.

With over 25 years of expertise, In2tec Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of Sustainable Flexible Electronics and Smart HMI solutions across a diverse spectrum of applications, spanning all industries seeking interfaces.

Our Smart HMI technology demonstrator is a gateway revealing the opportunities to designers and for vehicle electronic interfaces, encompassing design, functionality, and style. Moreover, it shows our unique capabilities and innovative Sustainable Electronics technologies, which present the opportunity to reshape any HMI application.

Our commitment to delivering groundbreaking solutions extends to fit, weight, shape, and aesthetics – accommodating projects of all complexities including those with the most exacting specifications.

At In2tec, we are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of technology while prioritising Sustainable Electronic Solutions. Our team is eager to collaborate with customers and we offer expert advice on best practices and materials that align with your design objectives, providing guidance on maximising your project’s potential. To learn more about how In2tec can help realise your vision, please contact a member of our team.

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