OMSE™ – a new era of integrated, circular electronics, offering benefit of reduced component count

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Today IME and integrating electronic components into plastic moulded parts is a growing trend and changing the automotive sector and across markets.

At In2tec we evaluated it and found it had too many restrictions. Understanding this we’ve taken a different and more beneficial approach with our On-Mould Sustainable Electronics. It utilises our innovative flexi-hibrid circuit assemblies, laminated into plastic mould carriers to provide Smart HMI and electronic functionality in interiors and exteriors of vehicles.

Our On-Mould Sustainable Electronics (OMSE™) solution provides electrical functionality, illumination, sensor, and heating elements all combined into one unit, with high levels of integration of electronic systems and interconnects offering high reliability for automotive HMI. Providing a single unit offers benefits in logistics, material costs and energy consumption as well as breaking down the barriers to design.

OMSE™ powered by In2tec’s innovation

OMSE™ is underpinned by our Flexi-hibrid™ Technology – delivering highly reliable Flexible Circuit Assemblies, enabling the seamless integration of passive and active components. From ADAS sensors to heating elements, antenna systems, haptics, and illumination – all can be integrated on a single structure, where printed harness systems create the interconnections, resulting in unmatched electronic component integration.

Added to, our patented ReUSE® technology, a set of processes and materials combined to produce Electronic Circuit Assemblies that are easily unzipped at End-of-Life. In2tec’s technology provides the means to conductively adhere and mechanically bond electronic components onto Flexi-hibrid™ substrate circuit carriers providing substantial electrical and mechanical bonding, whilst allowing the simple deconstruction of all components, interlayers, circuit layers at End-of-Life (EOL) or in repair. It is the lamination process of the assembly on moulded structures using our ReUSE® adhesives that provide a single OMSE™ unit.

With the circuit assemblies mounted on the surface of the mould, this creates effective & reliable high levels of integration of multiple electronic components. The process of deconstructing or ‘unzipping,’ we call ReCYCLE™. This proprietary process of ours incorporates an eco-catalyst, high-temperature water & an ultrasonic process to permanently reduce the ReUSE® conductive adhesive bond strength. This facilitates the demounting of components from the substrate with minimal stress. It is ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ that enable the recycling of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) and yield components that are reusable multiple times over.

Laminating complex or simple electronic foils onto moulded structures produces a highly integrated, single unit that is ultra-thin, fully sealed and achieved using well-known traditional low-cost moulding techniques.

The single unit delivers significantly reduced logistics and materials costs, as well as energy usage reducing lifecycle CO2e. It provides a quantifiable greenhouse gas reduction CO2e of over 60% compared to conventional electronics using FR4.

The consolidation of individual modules integrated into a single unified electronic circuit, connecting geographically separated functionalities through printed shielded twisted pair communication interconnects, can significantly reduce connector numbers, address packaging limitations to provide increased use of real estate, as well as achieve overall enhanced reliability.

Providing electrical functionality, illumination, sensor, and heating elements all combined into one fully sealed unit, with high levels of integration of electronic systems and interconnects offering high reliability for automotive HMI, and breaks down the barriers to design.

Overall, OMSE™ delivers unsurpassed integration electronics in a single unit to provide a sustainable solution with cost benefits from a reduced component count, all whilst increasing reliability.

At In2tec, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology whilst prioritising Sustainable Electronic Solutions. Our team is eager to collaborate with customers and we offer expert advice on best practices and materials to align with your design objectives, providing guidance to maximise your project’s potential in automotive and across market sectors.

To find out more about OMSE™ simply contact a member of our team:

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