On-Mould Sustainable Electronics (OMSE™) – delivering unsurpassed integration of electronic components and circularity for the automotive market!

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On-Mould Sustainable Electronics technology solutions are made by laminating complex or simple electronic foils onto injection moulded structures to create unmatched levels of integration of circuitry and individual electronic components. The structure is sealed and fully recyclable to create a single package.

For the automotive sector, with their desire towards IME, OMSE™ is a game changer for this market for exterior and interior applications.

How does OMSE™ deliver this?

OMSE™ is powered by the integration of In2tec’s Flexi-hibrid™ and ReUSE® technologies.

  • Flexi-hibrid™ technology delivers highly reliable Flexible Circuit Assemblies creating the highest possible level of integration of passive and active components, ADAS sensors, heating elements, antenna systems, haptics and illumination.
  • On a single structure, the interconnections are made with printed harness systems. This means with our Flexi-hibrid™ technologies we can deliver unsurpassed levels of electronic component integration.
  • ReUSE® technology is a set of processes and materials combined to produce Electronic Circuit Assemblies that can be easily unzipped at End-of-Life (EOL). In2tec’s patented technology provides the means to conductively adhere and mechanically bond electronic components onto Flexi-hibrid™ substrate circuit carriers providing substantial electrical and mechanical bonding, whilst allowing the simple deconstruction of all components, interlayers, circuit layers at EOL or in repair. It is the lamination process of the assembly on moulded structures using our ReUSE® adhesives that provides a single OMSE™ unit.
  •  With the circuit assemblies mounted on the surface of the mould they are not subjected to the high pressures and temperatures of IME technology, thereby creating effective & reliable high levels of integration of multiple electronic components. The deconstruction or ‘unzipping’ process we call ReCYCLE™, utilises our proprietary process embodying an eco-catalyst plus high-temperature water (85°C) permanently reducing the ReUSE® conductive adhesive bond strength to facilitate the demounting of components from the substrate, with little or no stress. The combination of ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ presents the opportunity to fully recycle PCBAs, plus provide components that are reusable several times over.

This level of integration provides freedom for designers to innovate, removing barriers to design. In2tec’s goal is always to simplify, to understand the problem and find the ‘right’ solution. OMSE™ does this, it delivers integrated electronics, with a single system design and utilising cost-effective plastic moulding methods.

At In2tec, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology whilst prioritising Sustainable Electronic Solutions. Our team is eager to collaborate with customers and we offer expert advice on best practices and materials to align with your design objectives, providing guidance to maximise your project’s potential.

To find out more about OMSE™ simply contact a member of our team.

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