Packaging Opportunities with In2tec’s Flexible and Flexi-hibrid™ Electronics

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When working on new products, one obstacle for design teams’ is that the end product design is often defined or limited by the bulky power system and circuitry. We have worked to develop flexible electronics solutions that eliminate those barriers, freeing our customers to achieve the look, feel, and user experience they want.

How is this achievable?

Our solutions include two main forms, Dynamic and Contoured. Dynamic flexible electronics allow the electronics to continually flex, eliminating quality and life-cycle issues seen with traditional electronics, and Contoured solutions where our flexible electronics permit a desired form/shape, rather than requiring the shape to conform to the electronics, a major drawback in traditional electronics.

For over twenty years we have delivered products that combine boundary-pushing 3-dimensional circuitry in synergy with complex functionality. Our Smart HMI solutions facilitate the combination of style and functionality with significant size and weight reductions, possible with forming the electronics, sensors, and interfaces to flow seamlessly across the contoured surfaces of the real estate in which they must operate.

Our flexible electronics

The definition of flexibility differs across applications, meaning the requirements for each application can vary from bending and rolling, to conforming to irregular shapes, as well as folding, twisting, and stretching, critically maintaining device performance.

In2tec’s development of flexible and Flexi-hibrid™ electronics technologies and processes over many decades has permitted the delivery of many previously considered impossible products, together with an explosion of exciting, new applications for our customers across many sectors. We continually invest in the advancement of additive flexible electronics processes and capabilities to directly benefit our customers by providing advanced functionality and technology within their products, without compromise or limitation to their desired aesthetics.

Whilst traditional electronics are capable of these functions, flexible electronics permit the expansion of features whilst allowing them to adhere to ergonomic designs that are highly robust, low profile, and as complex or simple as a product demands.

Our capabilities – driven by our design philosophy that “nothing is impossible”

Everything we do is underpinned by the belief that “nothing is impossible”. We developed a strength that allows us to bring together disparate and often conflicting design requirements, to provide systems and solutions that offer greater efficiency, functionality, and better ergonomic design. Our continued investment aligned with our philosophy continually breaks down design barriers to solve the most-challenging problems.

Incorporating sustainability into everything we do

With our sustainable electronics ethos at the heart of everything we do, we developed patented technology and processes to achieve high-recyclability and reusability. Our ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ solutions allow for circuit board assemblies to be unzipped at the end of their useful life, and provide the supply chain with undamaged, clean components for second-life use. You can find out more about what we do here.

Let us help you achieve your technology wish list

We invite you to put our capabilities, innovation, and experience to the test for the development of your next Smart HMI product. To find out how we can benefit you please get in touch:


T + 44 (0)1536 419200 (office hours GMT: 8.30am-5.00pm Mon-Thurs; 8.30am-2.30pm Fri)

For more information about In2tec technologies and capabilities, please visit

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