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Avent, a world leader in infant sterilising equipment, required a new and innovative approach to its unit interface panel. The new design had to be more effective, better quality and have lower production and in-field failures. And, importantly for a consumer product, it had to be cheaper.


Using our expertise in membrane switching, our Innovation Engine created a unique solution.

We combined complex curved polyester substrate membrane forming with elastomer feel generators to create a simple and effective result.

After finalising the design, we reduced manufacturing costs by moving production to our wholly owned facility in Shenzhen, China.

The combination of European design capability and low-cost, high volume manufacturing gave Avent a clear advantage in a competitive market.

“In2tec’s ability to provide the value-added activities such as design ideas to make our products more effective, in combination with a low-cost route to manufacture, was invaluable to our team here at Avent.”

Stuart Thompson
Purchasing Manager Avent

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