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Our customer was a world leader in banking solutions and the world’s largest ATM manufacturer. They needed a fresh approach to cost reduction for their latest ATM products.

We had been a strategic partner for many years and never failed to give them a competitive edge. In this case, we provided a phased solution that progressively reduced costs while maintaining tight control over quality and application.


We analysed existing solutions and dissected the functional needs of the ATM card illumination system. Our solution integrated light guides and LED light clusters, first using elastomer material and eventually using our Iflex® flexible circuit substrates.

Not only did this approach reduce the number of parts – it also reduced the time to manufacture and significantly increased the reliability and life span of that part of the ATM unit.

‘In2tec’s ideas and concepts, plus its ability to produce cost effectively and support us globally, gave us a significant cost saving.’

Commodity Director

(Name withheld due to confidentiality)

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