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Koenigsegg’s CCX Hyper Car Project warranted a unique and bespoke instrument cluster – something not seen before in any other motor vehicle. The finished item had to be multi-functional, meet all of the high-stress environmental considerations and look a million dollars.


In2tec was contracted by Koenigsegg Sweden to produce a complete design package for a fully integrated electro-mechanical chronometric instrument panel. The final design was a world first, having 3 co-axial stepper motor driven needle movement on the single centre dial. The interactions between the electronic design and mechanical design had to be flawless to achieve the desired result. Today the unit is manufactured and tested in-house at an In2tec facility, and we test to Koenigsegg’s demanding requirements to assure the highest quality. “This significant step forward in automotive user information systems and in car aesthetics is testimony to In2tec’s multi-disciplined team and manufacturing capability.” John Gunner Technical Director – Koenigsegg

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