Printed Flex Circuits: Cost V Performance

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In the market place today, we essentially believe we have two main technology options when choosing to use a Flexible Circuit in our product design. Copper clad Polyimide (recognised by the tradename Kapton) which has the same etching process as standard FR4 PCB’s; or Polyester (mainly PET, polyethylene terephthalate) with a printed silver conductive ink.

So, what are the parameters that help us decide what solution to choose?

Historically the deciding factors were durability and performance, and capability versus cost. The accuracy levels of etched copper; and solder to maintain mechanical bonds with components was considered to be the most durable within a flexi circuit. But Copper-clad Polyimide flexi circuits use expensive substrates, covering the whole 2-dimensional area with Copper, and the etching process potentially means that most of the costly, precious Copper is wasted. Capability versus cost!

So, what’s changing to help the designer integrate flexible circuits that meet all needs?

In2tec has been designing and developing flexible electronic structures/products, processes, and applications for over 25 years. Our aim has been to push the boundaries and help our customers break down barriers to design, and gain a competitive advantage. Because we focus our core capability in achieving ‘printed’ flexible circuit assemblies that meet or exceed the currently available Kapton solutions, that competitive advantage often means that our Customers achieve both performance and durability at a lower cost. We call it Iflex!

So how do In2tec Iflex solutions deliver this?

In summary, our designs systematically meet accuracy levels on par with FR4 and Kapton circuits with track and gap widths of 0.2mm, and a target over the next year to achieve production at 0.1mm. We place down to 0402 SMT components and provide evidenced durability that equals hard substrate PCBA’s. Our Printed Via technology reduces electrical resistance and cost-effectively produces 0.8mm through hole vias and 0.5mm dielectric vias. These capabilities do not just break the design barrier but they break the capability barrier.

With Flexi Circuit Technology that meets both performance and cost, the only remaining question is; Why wouldn’t you choose In2tec Iflex?

Find out how you could achieve cost savings, get in touch with us: or alternatively call us on 01536 419200  


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