A leading exponent in Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions for over 25 years in the Automotive market, we have focused on innovative HMI and driver control projects for hypercars, niche automotive, and motorsport including F1 and WRC. We are known for the design and delivery of products that combine boundary-pushing 3D circuitry in synergy with capacitive touch, secret-til-lit, and haptic technologies. Our ability to combine technologies allows our customers to create beautiful aesthetic, sleek, tactile, ergonomic user interfaces that remain intuitively functional and non-intrusive.

Our In2Sense 3D contoured and ultra-thin profiles are ergonomically conformed to create concave and convex surfaces not possible with traditional cct boards. They follow the silhouette of the automotive interior, allowing designers to reimagine the interior design possibilities. By breaking down design barriers, the HMIs can be placed in the optimum positions for both the driver and passengers, be this on the IP, doors, seats, or compartment interior, enabling the ultimate driving experiences and enhanced safety.

Combining this, with our secret-til-lit and proximity-lit technology, allows the incorporation of more interface points than before, and so impart more information to the driver. Critically doing so in an unobtrusive way, as functions only illuminate when needed, allowing for cleaner and uncluttered lines.

Our UK Research & Development Centre, working at the forefront of technology developments, continually expands our HMI technology and process knowledge and capability. By layering-up ultra-thin forms, we can create compound flexible electronic solutions that are organic in shape, conforming to complex 3D profiles, whilst providing hyper-sleek modernist solutions that can further incorporate transparent heater and antenna systems. In doing so, we combine the use of new, innovative materials with our flexible electronics know-how, to provide tactile, heated warm-to-touch controls and buttons, that further enhance the feeling of quality and luxury within the driving experience.  Furthermore, by ensuring we only deliver the highest level of reliability in all our solutions, we achieve both a reduction in potential failure points and ensure a long product life.

Our primary aim is to deliver significant value with our flexible electronics solutions, providing our Automotive customers with market-leading aesthetics, functionality, and design within a strong environmentally sustainable package.

At In2tec we remain passionate and committed to delivering quality systems that benefit the application, whilst providing a minimal environmental impact both in manufacture, application and at end-of-life. Providing lightweight and fully flexible circuits allows us to streamline your design and remove excess material and wastage, reducing weight and maximising functionality, whilst enhancing your green footprint by focusing on recyclability. With the provision of sustainable substrates, conductive and process technologies, plus the reduction in material utilisation combined with flexible electronic solutions that can be easily disassembled for component and material reuse, we strive for 100% recyclability.

Insense 3D HMI


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