Face Shield shown in use on female head in hospital ward

The In2tec Face Shield – UK Certified to CE EN166 Class III

Avoid risk to your business and employees with our CE EN166 Class III Face Shield.

The In2tec Face Shield is one of very few available to meet legal Class III standards for Covid-19. It provides Medical-Grade protection against hazardous biological exposure and is designed specifically to protect against both virus and bacteria.

Providing full freedom of movement, the ultra-lightweight, high-visibility, disposable Face Shield is the perfect solution for the protection of the full face, eyes, nose, mouth, and respiratory system.

Our Polycarbonate Face Shield offers a clarity and protection that other non-Class III Polyester face shields are unable to meet.

Face Shield illustrating Protection of face from bacteria and exhaled breath
  • Airflow eliminates misting, vapour, droplet contamination and vision impairment

  • Wear glasses and industry-specified masks comfortably and without issue

  • Adjustable headband for perfect fitting
  • Available in 2 lengths, to offer flexibility and choice for the wearer
Close up of adjustable chin strap on Face Shield


The standard version includes an Innovative lower strap which forms a natural 3D face shape for enhanced protection against side ingress of dust, droplets, or liquid splatter, and provides additional strength against object impact. (h240mm)

A shorter version is available for office or manufacturing personnel who may be working whilst seated for extended periods. (h193mm)

In2tec Face Shield Features:

UK Certified CE EN166 Class III, the highest class of protection tick-

Ergonomic, full-face covering to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth tick-

Fully clear, providing a low visual impacttick-

Simple and quick to construct to required size, due to Snap Fastenerstick-

Robust, Lightweight and Shatter-resistanttick-

Easily worn over glasses and/or mouth and nose-covering masktick-

tickDesigned for prolonged use due to its high-optical clarity

tickIdeal for close working and protection during outings 

tickNo porous materials, so will not absorb germs or bacteria

tick100% recyclable

tickSupplied flat-packed for ease of storage 

Why use the In2tec Face Shield?

The In2tec UK Certified CE EN166 Class III Face Shield ensures your business provides the best possible protection for your employees, mitigating possible future legislative, Health & Safety claims.

Order your Face Shields today

Order your Face Shields today

In2tec Face Shields are available to purchase, they are in stock and ready to despatch.

To order (MOQ 5000) or enquire please email sales@in2tec.com

For over 30-years, In2tec have been at the forefront of innovation in Flexible Electronics and Interface solutions. Known to develop, design and manufacture Flexible Electronic Solutions for OEM’s across industries including Medical, Automotive and Aerospace, we put our skills and ingenuity into effect. Thanks to our vast experience, inherent knowledge, process capability and material analysis capability, we completed a design focused on a number of key priority elements; to ensure it met all physical requirements in the protection of the full face, eyes, nose and mouth, ensure the Face Shield remained comfortable after long periods of wear, and achieve a design that met our company sustainability ethos. The result today is our In2tec Face Shield that features Cat III eye protection certified to CE EN166 Standards and is 100% recyclable.

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