Form your circuits to the shape of your end product

We offer an innovative process to produce full electronic circuit assemblies on complex curves. This gives your industrial and electromechanical design engineering teams the freedom to form conductive circuits to the shape of the end product, breaking down barriers around fit, weight, shape, look and feel and cost.


Benefits of complex curve assemblies

  • Ultra light, compact interface: combine illumination, SMT components, processor and touch sensors on a single complex curved plane
  • Space and weight saving: optimise material, assembly and packaging requirements
  • Low-cost secret till lit: including smartphone-style switching technology
  • Multiple output and illumination capability: tailor your design precisely to end user requirements

Electronics that are up to 95% recyclable

Our complex curve assemblies are up to 95% recyclable thanks to our patented ReUse process, which we developed in partnership with GEM and the National Physics Laboratory.

We use an additive conductive print and component placement process that makes your product more environmentally friendly. To recycle simply unzip your product using a catalyst to break it down into its constituent parts (substrates, conductors, and components). This significantly increases your yield and reduces the volume of heavy metals you deposit in the waste stream.



Whether you’re looking to revolutionise the market with something new, improve functionality, increase sustainability or find an easy way to comply with regulations, we solve your problem on time, first time. In2tec invests heavily in its Innovation Engine and is  the technology driver in the field of flexible electronics. We work over entire product and service lifecycle, from concept development to manufacturing, delivery and end-of-life recycling. Learn more about In2tec innovations.


Let’s redefine what you can do with electronics by breaking down your design barriers and streamlining your supply chain.

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