Iflex is a set of innovative circuit interconnects and circuit assembly solutions that offers you an alternative to traditional Flexible Printed CCT (FPCs).

We developed it in response to an industry need to have more choice in flexible circuit capabilities, and to perfectly meet your cost versus performance needs. By using an additive conductive process and varying the substrate materials, the Iflex range covers ground that traditional polyimide FPCs cannot.

You therefore gain advantages around cost, sustainability, interconnectivity and weight:

  • Cost savings: polyester substrate provides a significant material cost saving versus conventional FR4 copper board or flexible Kapton technology
  • Sustainability: conductive adhesive technology provides a lead-free manufacturing process and, with copper-free conductors, delivers a more sustainable assembly
  • Interconnectivity: proprietary processes allow full connectivity to all hard substrate printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit technology. We can also combine component real estate and harness connection requirements into a one-piece unit, eliminating the need for additional connectors or joints
  • Weight savings: Iflex interconnects decrease the overall harness weight by more than 30% compared to wire filament systems, and by more than 40% compared to a traditional printed circuit assembly
In2tec iFlex


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