In2Sense 3D breaks down design barriers by giving you the ability to form conductive circuits to the shape of your end product.

It’s the world’s first complex curved, smartphone-style interface panel – and it delivers many product advantages around shape, weight, space and overall cost.

For the first time, you’ll cost-effectively be able to produce products and human interfaces that don’t follow the current planar model. This unique capability will transform the established ‘look’ of products because it makes it so easy for design teams to integrate the unit into a homogenous finished panel.

  • Compact and ultra light: you get a low surface height because the system combines the illumination, SMT components, processor and touch sensor on a single complex curved plane
  • Up to 100% recyclability: thanks to our sustainable technologies (compared to average 30% recyclability using current hard substrate printed circuit boards)
  • Unsurpassed noise reduction: with our fully self-calibrating capacitive switch touch system
  • Low cost secret-til-lit: with smartphone-style switching technology
  • Bespoke design capabilities: fully 3D complex curve technology, with the ability to integrate electroluminescent, LED or optic fibre rear illumination capability to meet your precise requirements


Let’s redefine what you can do with electronics by breaking down your design barriers and streamlining your supply chain.

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