In2Sense Smart Office (patent pending) allows airlines to offer passengers an in-flight business centre. It’s a folding tray table that transforms into a keyboard when a passenger inserts a Bluetooth-enabled tablet into a slot.

This secret-til-lit device uses our Touchsense technology to produce an illuminated, smartphone-style keyboard through a seemingly black tray table. The haptic feedback makes it easy to type, and the nature of the illumination means it’s easy to see but not obtrusive to other passengers.

  • Enhanced passenger experience: by helping them maximise productivity and make the most effective use of space during the flight
  • Hygienic: with an antimicrobial surface that protects against bacteria including E. coli and MRSA
  • Long-lasting: there are no moving parts, and the polycarbonate finish resists scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents
  • User-friendly: with sensors that automatically detect Bluetooth devices and cutting-edge haptic sense and feedback technology for easy touch typing

When not used with a tablet, the In2Sense Smart Office is a durable tray table suitable for all other in-flight uses. We will tailor the dimensions to meet your specification.


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