Put your products at the forefront of sustainability and end-of-life recovery with our unzippable circuit assemblies, which are up to 95% recyclable.

Traditional printed circuit board and printed circuit assembly technology is predominately based around thermoset resin boards and copper conductors. These technologies are less than 1% recyclable – because there are no circular strategies available and only the precious metals can be reclaimed.

We’ve spent more than 10 years at the forefront of R&D in sustainable electronics, working with partners such as GEM and the National Physics Laboratory. We’ve developed an additive conductive print and component placement process in conjunction with specialist adhesives and substrates.

These unzippable circuit assemblies can be broken down into their constituent parts (substrates, conductors and components) using simple catalysts like hot water.

We call this patented process ReUse, and it offers up to 95% recyclability for an endless number of applications.

In2tec - Reuse sustainable technology


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