The development of complex electronics means products need to be able to communicate more and more data. High-speed data transmission over twisted pair cables has been firmly established as a benchmark for this type of communication.

The standard approach is to transport telecommunications services using twisted pair cables, which consist of bundles of copper wire pairs connecting a wire centre. Current industry research focuses on minimising the cross-sectional area of the cables to allow for a more flexible and lighter product.

We’ve taken a different approach.

Our Innovation Engine is primed to change paradigms, and our patented flat shielded twisted pair technology delivers a step change for data transmission.

The In2tec shielded twisted pair creates a very effective data transfer system with a twisted pair hard-wire cable in a planar arrangement, allowing the twisted conductor pairings to be printed on to flexible or stiffened thermo-formable substrates. The process involves layering conductive inks, dielectric insulators, and crossover technology to produce very thin (averaging less than 0.5mm), cost-effective, flexible, shielded serial communication links.

The result is light and formable. And when used in conjunction with our Iflex® dynamic circuit technology, it also integrates the PCBA and the inter-connection system, potentially eliminating the connector systems as well.

custom flat cables


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