We have spent more than 15 years at the forefront of R&D in sustainable electronics, and have developed an additive conductive print and component placement process in conjunction with specialist adhesives and substrates.

Our ReUSE® patented set of materials and process brings fully recyclable printed circuit assemblies to reality.


Traditional printed circuit board and printed circuit assembly technology is predominately based around thermoset resin boards and copper conductors. These assemblies have up to 5% recyclability and significantly less reusability of materials and components, as there are no circular strategies available and only precious metals can be reclaimed.

ReUSE® provides substrates, circuit tracks, and component bonding systems that can be fully unzipped using organic solvents, significantly reducing the energy and high costs of recycling. The CO2e saving of a ReUSE-based circuit assembly versus a standard FR4-based circuit assembly is over 10 times.

Key Benefits

Completely unzippable printed circuit electronic assembly allowing Recyclable and Reusable substrates and components, feeding a circular economy.

Reusable electronic components save 2.4Bn Tonnes of C02e per year based on just 2.5% of PCBs being changed to a ReUSE® assembly, which is the equivalent carbon offset of 91 million mature trees per year.

ReUSE® substrates typically consume up to 20x less CO2e to manufacture compared with traditional substrate methods, whilst also being highly economical to recycle.

Drive for an opportunity to cease landfill E-waste through 100% recycling of substrates, conductive circuits, and electronic components, via ultra-low energy unzipping and second-life usage for constituent parts.


Current development provides a more realistic target for up to 100% recyclability for low-complex circuit assemblies such as small to medium size substrate boards and larger pitch components (0306). Smaller pitch components are still possible, and development is ongoing for recyclability of BGA gate arrays.

Applications such as LED light structures, mouse, and gaming circuit boards, automotive key fobs, HMI circuit boards in domestic, medical, wearable, automotive, aerospace, and industry appliances, would be ideal examples for high-recyclability today.

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