Revolutionising Automotive Design with On-Mould Sustainable Electronics (OMSE™)

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In a rapidly evolving era where innovation and sustainability are driving forces, On-Mould Sustainable Electronics (OMSE™) is a game-changer, especially for the automotive industry. This groundbreaking technology seamlessly integrates electronic components while breaking down the barriers to design. Here we explore how OMSE™ can transform the automotive sector with design possibilities.

Unmatched Integration of Electronic Components

OMSE™ achieves unparalleled integration of electronic circuitry and individual components by laminating electronic foils onto injection-moulded structures. The result is a sealed, fully recyclable single package. This level of integration is an advantage for both exterior and interior applications within the automotive sector, aligning with the industry’s growing interest in Integrated Moulded Electronics (IME).

The Power Behind OMSE™

OMSE™ derives its strength from the synergy of In2tec’s Flexi-hibrid™ and ReUSE® technologies.

Flexi-hibrid™ Technology: This technology delivers highly reliable Flexible Circuit Assemblies, enabling the seamless integration of passive and active components. From ADAS sensors to heating elements, antenna systems, haptics, and illumination – all can be integrated on a single structure, where printed harness systems create the interconnections, resulting in unmatched electronic component integration.

ReUSE® technology is a set of processes and materials combined to produce Electronic Circuit Assemblies that can be easily unzipped at End-of-Life. In2tec’s patented technology provides the means to conductively adhere and mechanically bond electronic components onto Flexi-hibrid™ substrate circuit carriers providing substantial electrical and mechanical bonding, whilst allowing the simple deconstruction of all components, interlayers, circuit layers at End-of-Life (EOL) or in repair. It is the lamination process of the assembly on moulded structures using our ReUSE® adhesives that provides a single OMSE™ unit.

With the circuit assemblies mounted on the surface of the mould they are not subjected to the high pressures and temperatures of IME technology, thereby creating effective & reliable high levels of integration of multiple electronic components. The process of deconstructing or ‘unzipping,’ we call ReCYCLE™. This proprietary process of ours incorporates an eco-catalyst and high-temperature water to permanently reduce the ReUSE® conductive adhesive bond strength. This facilitates the demounting of components from the substrate with minimal stress. It is ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ that enables the recycling of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) and provides components that are reusable multiple times.

Empowering Design Innovation

The unmatched integration capabilities of OMSE™ empower designers to think outside the box and remove traditional design barriers. In2tec’s aim has always been to simplify and provide the right solutions to complex problems. OMSE™ embodies this by delivering integrated electronics within a single system. It utilises cost-effective plastic moulding methods, eliminating the need for complex or specialist tooling. It is the cavities in the moulded structure, that serve to protect and locate components, together with a venting system which assists the lamination process of the assembly on the moulded structure to create a single-piece OMSE™ unit.

In conclusion, OMSE™ is not just a technological advancement; it is a sustainable, innovative solution that is set to revolutionize automotive design. By providing a solution for unmatched electronic integration and recyclability, it offers a world of possibilities for designers and engineers, while delivering sustainable electronic solutions.

In2tec is dedicated to breaking new ground in technology, all while putting sustainability at the forefront of our Electronic Solutions. Our team is always ready to join forces with our customers, offering invaluable insights into optimal practices and materials that perfectly match your design goals. We’re here to guide you on the path to unlocking your project’s maximum potential.

To find out more about OMSE™ simply contact a member of our team:

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