Revolutionising HMI design: Unleashing the potential of complex curve technology

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When it comes to designing cutting-edge products, weight reduction and space optimisation are paramount considerations across diverse markets. However, the limitations of traditional flat and rigid PCBs impede the integration of complex curves, presenting significant design challenges. In response to this In2tec has addressed pioneered a groundbreaking solution: complex curve technology. By harnessing this patented innovation, design engineers can redefine HMI (Human-Machine Interface) design, paving the way for lighter, more compact, and visually captivating products.

Breaking Down Design Barriers

Historically, incorporating curves into designs required encasing electronics within bulky square housings, positioned at a distance from the curved surface. This approach not only occupied valuable space but also added considerable weight to the end product. Consider, for instance, the curved headlights found in modern vehicles. Achieving the desired aesthetic necessitated positioning the PCBs far back from the lamp’s surface, resulting in increased space requirements and weight. In2tec’s complex curve technology eliminates these limitations.

The In2tec Solution

Through In2tec’s complex curve technology, the need for unwieldy electronics housings becomes obsolete. We print the circuitry and place the components on a single plane directly onto the product’s surface so our approach can drastically reduce weight and space requirements. Moreover, our proprietary complex modelling software enables us to create of conductive circuits that seamlessly conform to the shape of the end product. This yields thinner, more compact, and lighter products that transcend the constraints of flat and rigid circuitry. Our technology also ensures the creation of customised circuit layouts tailored to meet the specific electrical and physical properties of your design.

Innovative Curved Interfaces:

An exemplar of the capabilities afforded by complex curve technology is the introduction of innovative curved interfaces. By combining complex curve engineering with cutting-edge touch-sensitive technology, we enable the creation of interface panels that exude a high-tech allure, departing from the traditional planar model. Furthermore, these interfaces boast an impressively thin profile, as their illumination, surface-mount components, processors, and touch sensors are seamlessly integrated onto a single, complex curved plane.

Paving the Way for Curved Design

In2tec’s advanced complex curve technology is the culmination of over 25 years of expertise in flexible and printed electronics, augmented by extensive materials analysis. Our commitment to in-house research and development has yielded this unique offering, enabling the realisation of curved designs without unwarranted weight addition to the final product.

By harnessing the potential of complex curve technology, design engineers can surmount traditional barriers and unlock new frontiers in HMI design. In2tec’s innovative approach negates the need for cumbersome electronic housings, resulting in lighter, more compact, and visually captivating products. Embrace the future of design with complex curve technology and transform your vision into a tangible reality.

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