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Personal devices are appearing increasingly on aircraft, and standard tray tables are struggling to keep up with this ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend. A TripAdvisor study found that 1 in 4 US passengers class their tablet device as a ‘must-have carry on’ and many airlines are encouraging the use of passengers’ own devices for in-flight entertainment (IFE). In business class, an increasing number of passengers are bringing their own devices and portable keyboards so they can continue working while in the air. However, with more and more passengers bringing their own device onto planes, airlines are going to need to ensure their cabins provide the space needed for these devices, particularly in business class where the use of devices and attached portable keyboards is even more common. But with limited cabin space, how do you provide the room to use personal devices comfortably and still keep with the business class aesthetic?
We believe that In2tec’s In2Sense Smart Office is the solution to this problem. We have created a durable tray table that integrates both a device holding slot and a fully functioning capacitive touch Qwerty keyboard that uses Bluetooth to connect to passenger’s personal devices.

Giving the tray table a makeover

We’ve developed a hardy, durable tray table using smoked black gloss poly-carbonate, which gives the tray-table a modern and elegant look and feel. But we know that the tray table is still an essential element of the cabin, so we’ve ensured that the Smart Office can take whatever travel might throw at it. Spilled drinks and hot food won’t affect the functioning of the Smart Office or the electronics of the keyboard, and it’s just as durable as an ordinary tray table. By including an anti-microbial finish, we’ve even considered the importance of hygiene within the cabin. A study from Auburn University found that MRSA had a 45% transmission rate in the cabin of a typical airplane when carried in sweat or saliva on a surface such as a tray table. To combat this, we use a Microban surface impregnation. The result is an entirely functional, hygienic and elegant-looking tray table even if you take away the added value of the Bluetooth keyboard.

Creating an in-flight business centre

When not connected with a device, the keyboard is invisible, however the keyboard lights up when paired with via Bluetooth by using secret-til-lit illumination, however the illumination will remain unobtrusive to other passengers. By using capacitive touch switching keyboard operates without any physical buttons, yet easy touch-typing is still possible as the keyboard uses haptic feedback. So, business class passengers can place their device with the holder, connect with the Smart Office via Bluetooth and type away with ease, allowing them to reply to emails or continue working on presentations without the hassle of fitting their portable keyboards onto the tray table or using small on-device keyboards.
By integrating a high-tech QWERTY keyboard into a tray-table, we’ve created a revolutionary, multi-functional solution which provides the structure and space needed for passengers to comfortably use their devices. Where ordinary tray-tables provide limited space for using personal devices, the Smart Office builds the use of personal devices into the cabin.
The In2Sense Smart Office can even be made completely bespoke to your design and specification, meaning we can create a completely bespoke product, including varying the Smart Office function, for example it could be an interface for in-flight entertainment. For full details and to discuss how Smart Office can offer you a competitive advantage get in touch with

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