In2tec have been developing, designing, and manufacturing for the automotive market for 20 years. Focusing in that time on innovative HMI and driver control projects for hypercar, niche automotive, and motorsport such as F1 and WRC, we have been designing interface solutions that integrate Sustainable Flexible Electronics with high-quality switching, lighting, and feedback systems. Our in-house manufacturing centres in the UK and China are aligned, manufacturing to the most exacting standards.

Our primary aim is to deliver significant value and new capabilities with our Flexible Electronics solutions, providing our Automotive customers with market-leading aesthetics and functionality that is enveloped in a strong environmentally sustainable package.

Innovating in the Flexible Electronics field for over 25 years, our Research & Development Centre in the UK continually expands our technology and process knowledge and capability. We continue to be influential in the world of Flexible Electronics, pushing the boundaries on printed and transparent heater systems, antenna solutions, and patented printed flat shielded twisted pair technology, and in doing so we provide opportunities for integration that were previously not possible.

Steering Wheel Technologies

Utilisation of our Flexible Electronics technologies allows a free form approach, and the ability to create concave and convex surfacing to Steering Wheels that is not possible with traditional cct boards. This allows the creation of an ultra-thin wheel due to In2tec’s durable flexible electronics that conform to the wheel shell, significantly reducing both profile and weight.

Creating a wheel that is the heart of the environment without overloading the drivers’ visual environment is critical. Incorporating our secret-til-lit and haptic technologies provides only the information the driver requires and allows for required functions with a stroke of the finger.

In2tec Smart HMI Steering Wheel Technology Demonstrator
Insense 3D HMI

A leader in Human Machine Interface solutions for over 25 years, we have been engaged by markets ranging from Medical Electronics to Banking and Security, and of course, the Automotive market, to design and deliver products that combine boundary-pushing 3-dimensional circuitry in synergy with capacitive touch, secret-til-lit, and haptic technologies. This allows our customers to create beautiful aesthetic and intuitively functional user interfaces.

In2tec has been instrumental for a number of Formula 1 and motorsport teams’ ability to create steering wheel systems and driver controls that are extremely light, thin, and functional, at the extremes of the automotive spectrum. Our development and manufacture of elegant, high-specification technologies has provided key first-to-market innovations such as the Koenigsegg Instrument Cluster, and continues to provide solutions to our niche automotive customer-base in their desire for high-end driver systems and controls.

Flat Shielded Twisted Pair Communication

In2tec’s patented technology achieves a shielded twisted pair communication solution on flexible substrates. We provide the game-changing opportunity to deliver integrated communications on highly conformable thermo carriers, that meet and exceed the technological requirements of traditional copper wire. The goal is to deliver significant weight saving, contour hugging wiring systems, that are super easy to assemble, improve product life, and change the paradigm of vehicle harness technology. This technology is paramount when it comes to automotive sustainability.

Flat Shielded Twisted Pair Technology
flexible electronics manufacturers for automotive
Transparent Heater Systems

We have been developing transparent and semi-transparent heater systems for vehicles for the last 10 years. Our capabilities include sputter-coated ITO, the latest Carbon Nano technologies – CNB™ and CNT, and thin printed conductive wire technology, providing our customers with a delivery system that exactly meets their needs.

Lens heaters for sensor systems are becoming a must rather than a desire. In2tec has the solution to deliver a product that integrates the control mechanisms on heaters, and our advanced heater solutions can be customised to ensure lighting, ADAS systems, safety sensors, camera sensors, and the driver experience (warm surfaces), provide fast and efficient heating in the areas required, with optimal cost.

Printed Flexible Antennas

Adding to our portfolio, our R&D team has developed several printed antenna solutions that provide effective transmission and reception of wireless communication, in areas of the vehicle that are not easily accessed for antenna integration. We provide ways of application with conformable and clear antenna solutions, breaking down the barrier to design, plus opening the opportunity to utilise more real estate of the vehicle for communication services.

Automotive Antennas

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