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An entire set of new sensors and systems, but customers want the same performance and comfort. The technology poised to revolutionise the industry, yet still in its early days.

Our expertise in flexible electronics alongside the latest sensor and ECU technology will put you ahead of the connected competition.

The right electronics will open new opportunities around design and functionality, while putting you at the forefront of innovation and user experience.

  • Lightweight: fully flexible circuits allow you to streamline design and remove excess material
  • Highly reliable: by integrating avionic sensors and system monitoring you reduce the number of potential failure points
  • 95% recyclable: our sustainable constructions use less material and can be easily disassembled for component reuse

For more than 25 years we’ve worked with the automotive sector to deliver superior design and streamlined manufacture. We pride ourselves on developing world firsts, and drive invention through patent application. We are developing all kinds of never-before-seen technology to give our automotive customers the competitive edge. Our facilities across Europe and the Far East are all ISO 9001:2015 certified. We offer support in accordance with PPAP, PW and FMEA, and our in-house test facilities deliver significant benefits such as accelerated life-testing.

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