Improve user experience with a low-cost route to manufacture

UK flexible electronics manufacturing

What would give your customers a better user experience?

Whether the answer lies in better ergonomics, less weight or enhanced functionality, we’ll help you achieve it.

Many of your products’ design elements are constrained by the power system and circuitry. We’ll develop a flexible electronics solution that eliminates those barriers, freeing you to make vast improvements in user experience – for example, it will be easy to integrate lifestyle technology for your end users.

Here’s a taste of how we’ve helped consumer products manufacturers:

  • ‘In2tec were fundamentally responsible for creating the power system, the “heart” of the PA series luggage. More importantly, they were able to provide a design and application that exceeded our initial requests, allowing us significant advantages in the market place.’ Clive Hemsley, Live Luggage
  • ‘In2tec’s ability to provide the value-added activities such as design ideas to make our products more effective, in combination with a low-cost route to manufacture, was invaluable to our team here at Avent.’ Stuart Thompson, Avent

We have wholly owned design, engineering and manufacturing centres in Europe and China. We optimise costs and retain complete control over every element, offering unique flexibility based on lead time, volume and budget.

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