Cutting-edge performance for the harshest operating conditions

Innovative electronics for military

Lightweight. Reliable. Durable.

Flexible electronics is key to achieving these 3 benefits simultaneously – particularly with military applications relying on more remote systems, integrated sensors and wearable technology.

In2tec solutions are creative, robust, sustainable and cost effective – and cover everything from UAVs to military transport to security to health monitoring. We break down design barriers around fit, weight, shape, look and feel to create products that are lightweight, ergonomic and long-lasting.

Importantly, we offer European-quality manufacturing in a low cost region through our wholly owned Chinese facility. We therefore optimise costs and retain complete control over every element of manufacture. We know exactly where your product is in every phase. This level of control means we offer exceptionally thorough contingency planning that exceeds your risk management requirements. It also means we resolve the cost versus quality conundrum, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our facilities across Europe and the Far East are all ISO 9001:2008 certified. We offer support in accordance with PPAP, PW and FMEA, and our in-house test facilities deliver significant benefits such as accelerated life-testing.

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