A secure, cost-effective way to comply with industry standards

Banking and Security sector

Impenetrable security.

Probably not the first words that enter your head when you think about flexible electronic technology. But for banking and security applications, it’s what our flexible solution is.

Cash handling products require high-level security which is traditionally bolted on to the product. Our solutions allow you to build in the security, dramatically reducing the number of potential breach points, and giving you a secure construction that goes far beyond the requirements set out in standards such as PCI 4.0.

With 30 years’ experience working with the banking sector, we’re unique in our ability to add value at every stage of design and production, finding creative ways to improve security while delivering savings and improving your end customer service and experience.

And with our innovative engineering and manufacturing centres of excellence in Europe and China, you benefit from the highest quality products at the most cost-effective price.

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