The Sustainable Value of In2tec’s Smart HMIs

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Smart HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) have become increasingly common across industries. This trend is only set to continue, allowing users to command machines more intuitively, as well as making data more readable by presenting information with the operator in mind, for their ease of use. From automotive to manufacturing, through to pharmaceuticals and healthcare, this can be a vital component in improving safety, performance and outcomes. At the consumer level, Smart HMIs put control into the end-users’ hands.

With electronics being increasingly prevalent this presents the issue of sustainability, with the need to reduce manufacturing emissions, minimise ewaste, as well as to protect depleting natural resources. The rate of development and growth can’t be maintained without major change.

In2tec are leaders in the design and development of sustainable smart HMIs. Here, we’ll discuss where traditional electronics have fallen short, leading us to a solution, and why our smart HMIs deliver sustainable value.

Traditional Electronics Limit Smart HMIs

For years conventional rigid electronics have dominated the industry. Traditionally manufactured Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs), which form the backbone of so many applications and products have recyclability values of only 3-5%. Consequently, at the end of useful life they are disposed of, buried in landfill or burned, contaminating the environment and posing harm to human health.

Traditional electronics aren’t just unsustainable for the environment and health. They are also rigid by design: flat, hard and inflexible. Accordingly, we need to consider more adaptable solutions for intuitive devices like smart HMIs.

At In2tec, for smart HMI applications we provide sustainable electronic solutions that don’t compromise quality. To achieve this, we combine our patented ReUSE® technology with innovative flexible electronics. In doing so, our smart HMIs provide innovative, as well as sustainable solutions.

How In2tec’s Smart HMIs Deliver Value

Our FPCs (Flexible Printed Circuit) do away with the rigidity of traditional PCBs. We produce FPCs offering a range of lightweight, sustainable materials. We create circuits on the surface of the FPC using conductive inks.

Due to the properties of the materials we use, we can contour or shape the FPC,  following the silhouette of the real estate to meet your device’s specifications. This flexibility makes them the perfect solution to meet the requirements of today’s advanced electronics. It has the advantage of enabling, not limiting, the creative design process of developing a smart HMI with the user in mind.

This is the first reason that flexible electronics provide a solution for smart HMIs. They are sleek in profile, space-efficient and lightweight.

The second reason is sustainability, which has been at the heart of In2tec’s technology dating back to our origins. We have developed our innovative patented ReUSE® – to provide material, models, and process technology to deliver sustainable printed board assemblies [PCBAs]. Using proprietary electronics design and manufacturing techniques along with patented ReUSE® conductive adhesives, inter-layer adhesives, printed inks and dielectrics, we can deliver PCBAs with 100% recyclability. This together with ReCYCLE ™ – In2tec’s patented pending low-energy electronic component process and modules detachment process delivers fully reusable and undamaged components for use in second-life, driving a circular economy of used parts. To that end, ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ can deliver 100% material recycling of PCBAs.

Altogether, this means that our smart HMIs deliver sustainable value. Work with us on your HMI project – no matter the industry – and we can help you design and manufacture a product that is sustainable and meets your business needs.

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