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In2tec invests heavily in its Innovation Engine and is the technology driver in the field of flexible electronics. We work over the entire product and service lifecycle, from concept development to manufacturing, delivery and end-of-life recycling.

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In2tec iFlex

Electronics designers are continually challenged to produce smaller, more ergonomically designed products. Our Iflex interconnects and circuit assemblies will help you meet these challenges.

Flexible circuits offer key design and performance benefits over rigid printed circuit boards. We’re at the cutting edge of innovation in this area, offering you more choice in flexible circuit capabilities and substrates.

In addition to our more traditional processes, we’ve developed other methods of providing circuitry solutions, including polyamide, polyester, polyform 3D and Combitec. In fact, we’ve been manufacturing fully flexible, polyester substrate circuits incorporating a variety of surface mount technology (SMT) components for more than 15 years.

Our state-of-the-art printing and surface mount pick and place equipment, combined with our wealth of experience in conductive adhesive technologies, means we’re able to deliver an extremely cost-effective alternative to hard substrate printed circuit boards. This gives you myriad advantages around sustainability, ergonomics, interconnection, flat panel integration and weight saving.

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We give you the groundbreaking ability to form the conductive circuit to the shape of the end product. This systematically creates product advantages in shape, weight, space and overall cost.

Currently the market standard is for planar, 2D hard or flexible substrate circuit systems. Our innovation is the art of producing 3D complex curved conductive circuit substrates that break down design barriers.

Our proprietary complex modelling software provides forecasted circuit layouts to create the exact electrical and physical properties your design requires, which significantly reduces electrical inefficiencies when compared to other circuit board solutions.

Benefit from conductive contouring with In2Sense 3D, the world’s first complex curved, smartphone-style interface panel

In2tec REUSE sustainable technology

Printed circuit board and printed circuit assembly technologies are predominantly based around thermoset resin boards and copper conductors. There are currently no circular (cradle-to-grave) strategies available for these technologies, which means recycling is restricted to the shredding and subsequent high temperature reclamation of only the precious metals. This equates to less than 5% recyclability.

In2tec is at the forefront of the drive towards sustainable electronic assemblies. We’ve invested more than 10 years in developing circuit designs, constructions, assembly processes and materials to deliver printed circuit assemblies that are up to 95% recyclable.

Our highly innovative approach (which we developed in partnership with GEM and the National Physics Laboratory) is to use an additive conductive print and component placement process in conjunction with specialist adhesives and substrates to provide an unzippable product. Your product can then be broken down into its constituent parts (substrates, conductors and components) through the use of simple catalysts.

We call this patented process ReUse.

Not only are the products themselves extremely sustainable – the recycling processes significantly reduce the volume of heavy metals deposited in the waste stream.

Learn more about ReUse, our unzippable circuit assemblies

In2tec In2sense Smart office

Benefit from the best in self-calibrating, noise-resistant capacitive touch systems.

In2tec’s capacitive touch switch product development capability utilises the best in the global quantum active circuit arena and co-joins this with our own innovative flexible electronics solutions.

One significant application of In2tec’s Touchsense capability is the In2sense Smart Office – a patent pending, ultra thin, secret-till-lit keyboard. This keyboard uses projective capacitance through an ultra thin polycarbonate substrate, which, along with thin layer printed light guiding, produces an extremely homogenous illuminated keyboard through a seemingly black substrate. When the unit is in sleep mode it acts like a black tray table. When it’s active, the keyboard is illuminated and actuated via Touchsense and haptic feedback.

Learn more about the secret till lit In2sense Smart Office


Our flat twisted pair technology (patent pending) creates a twisted pair hard-wire cable in a planar arrangement, allowing the twisted conductor pairings to be printed on to flexible or stiffened thermo-formable substrates. The process involves layering conductive inks, dielectric insulators and crossover technology to produce very thin (averaging less than 0.5mm), cost-effective, flexible, shielded serial communication links.

The ability to form and add localised stiffeners and adhesive patches means that the end user process is simplified, because this negates the need for cable clips, ties or the like.

If you integrate this twisted pair technology with our other flexible electronics innovations, you can can eliminate connectors altogether thanks to our integrated PCBA and inter-connect systems.

Learn more about how you benefit from the In2tec shielded twisted pair


We’ve made steps in the conductive printed circuit process that others cannot match. Not only are we able to print conductive circuits down to 0.5mm track and gap, we also produce circuit tracks with similar properties to metalised copper conductors found in standard FR4 printed circuit board structures.

Because we can lay conductors on flexible substrates to such defined tolerances, you get full, active circuit assemblies that fully simulate an FR4-based assembly but have all the additional benefits of a flexible electronic solution.

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