Electronics designers are continually challenged to produce smaller, more ergonomically designed products. Our Iflex interconnects and circuit assemblies will help you meet these challenges.

Flexible circuits offer key design and performance benefits over rigid printed circuit boards. We’re at the cutting edge of innovation in this area, offering you more choice in flexible circuit capabilities and substrates.

In addition to our more traditional processes, we’ve developed other methods of providing circuitry solutions, including polyamide, polyester, polyform 3D and Combitec. In fact, we’ve been manufacturing fully flexible, polyester substrate circuits incorporating a variety of surface mount technology (SMT) components for more than 15 years.

Our state-of-the-art printing and surface mount pick and place equipment, combined with our wealth of experience in conductive adhesive technologies, means we’re able to deliver an extremely cost-effective alternative to hard substrate printed circuit boards. This gives you myriad advantages around sustainability, ergonomics, interconnection, flat panel integration and weight saving.

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In2tec iFlex


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