The team at In2tec Ltd are thrilled to be working with Inovo Robotics

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Inovo Robotics are helping with the detachment section of our ReCYCLE™ process which is all possible due to our patented ReUSE® technology. The team at In2tec Ltd are thrilled to be working with Henry and the people at Inovo Robotics.

We are proud to demonstrate the possibility of sustainable electronics in action. Circularity in electronics is one front we can win, together!

Protecting the world for future generations by inspiring sustainable electronics.

Henry Wood, co-founder of Inovo Robotics said “We were exhibiting in Brussels, talking to policymakers about the need to introduce new regulations to make manufacturers responsible for recycling their electronics. The highly innovative PCB in the picture uses In2tec’s patented conductive adhesives rather than lead/tin solder, to place the components, which with their processes allows the components to be easily removed with robotics and reused to make new products. The tracks are printed on, in an additive process rather than the traditional copper, which is etched away with acid, generating much more waste. The substrate is a thermoplastic which can also be easily recycled, unlike the traditional fibreglass which cannot be reused and contributes to more than 400 million tonnes of e-waste every year.

This technology from In2tec has the potential to transform the electronics industry so we are very pleased to be working with them, developing the robotic automation to make this a reality.”

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