Unleashing the Power of OMSE™ technology

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On-Mould Sustainable Electronics – the ultimate solution for high-level integration of multiple components, and recyclable at end-of-life.

The growing trend of integration of electronics into single-moulded products through IME techniques is changing the design boundaries for the automotive market. Today the focus is mostly on delivering plastic injection moulding process to minimise the impact on the electronics.

In2tec has taken a different and more beneficial approach!

We have been developing and manufacturing high-recyclable Flexi-Hibrid™ electronic [FHE] circuit assemblies using an additive process for over 20 years. Our technology allows a significant increase in the level of electronic integration, fully protected and provides 100% end-of-life recycling and reusability.

We call this technology OMSE™ : On-Mould Sustainable Electronics

Laminating complex or simple electronic foils onto injection moulded superstructures produces a highly integrated, fully sealed, and 100% recyclable unit implementing traditional low-cost moulding techniques. This gives rise to OMSE™ being a unique electronics solution – offering fundamental benefits that are explored here.

The electronics circuit assembly is created, and mounted on the surface of the mould, and not subjected to the pressures and high temperatures of IME technology that can ‘stress’ or displace damage components.

Sustainable, Recyclable, High reliability, Low part count and Flexible design

Smart HMI with electrical functionality, illumination, sensor, and heating elements all combined into one unit with elevated levels of integration of electronic systems and interconnects offering high reliability for Front Shields, OMSE™ breaks down the barriers to design.

Electronic Component and System Integration

In2tec’s Flexi-hibrid™ technologies deliver the ability to produce reliable Flexible Circuit Assemblies combining passive and active components, ADAS sensors, heating elements and antenna systems on single foils inter-connected with printed harness systems. This means with our Flexi-hibrid™ technologies we can deliver significantly more electronic component integration than IME.

The lamination process of the foil assembly on moulded superstructures with ReUSE® adhesives provides a simple single unit, using traditional plastic moulding technologies, in a fully sealed package.

The circuit assemblies are created, and then mounted on the surface of the mould, meaning they are not subjected to the high pressures and temperatures of IME technology that can ‘stress’ as well as ‘displacing’ components which clearly is detrimental to reliability and performance. Ultimately it gives rise to the effective integration of multiple electronic components.  

Integration of Active and Passive electronic components, sensors, heaters, anteannas and communication harnesses on one ReUSE® bonded foil

100% Recyclability and Circularity

Our ReUSE® technology defines a set of design parameters, materials and processes that produce functional Printed Circuit Assemblies that are 100% unzippable at the end-of-life. The recycling process ─ ReCYCLE™ ─ uses high-temperature H2O (85°C) to significantly reduce bond strengths, allowing whole circuit low energy disassembly to its constituent parts. Unstressed electronic, mechanical, and material components can then be readily used in second and third life, feeding the circular economy.

ReUSE® adhesive technologies create laminated foil to moulding bonds that are impervious in operational life yet low energy unzippable at end-of-life.

The harness or connecting system is also created using an additive process to the FHE substrate, creating a seamless and fully integrated interconnection system, thereby significantly reducing connectors.

Flexi-hibrid™ Circuit Assembly showing components in first-life application within Automotive Shield, and transition into eol second-life application

Component Count Reduction and High Reliability

Circuit Foil to Moulded Panel bonding provides a single unit. Compared to the conventional method of separate electronic units and sensors all shipped individually, the OMSE™ single unit delivers significantly reduced logistical requirements and costs, plus energy usage.

Quantifiable greenhouse gas reduction of over 60% versus conventional electronics using FR4.

System integration of individual modules into one electronics foil, joining separate geographically displaced functions by patented printed shielded pair communication interconnects can considerably help minimise connector count and packaging constraints, plus increase reliability.

Multi-layer Flexi-hibrid™ Circuit Assembly, ReUSE® sealed & bonded to inner form of moulded shield

Flexibility of Design through Simplifying Solution and Process

In2tec’s idea is always to simplify. To understand the problem and find the ‘right’ solution. OMSE™ does this, it delivers integrated electronics, with a single system design and utilising well known traditional plastic moulding methods.

Minimising interconnects and connectors plus reducing the risk that complex manufacturing brings inherent gains in reliability together with the opportunity to deliver flexibility.

Simple design, de-constructed to manage separate technologies (Electronics and Plastic Moulding) provides the opportunity to react to design changes with agility.

OMSE™, ReUSE® bonded, sealed and unzippable integration of moulded plastic and Flexi-hibrid™ Electronics (cross-section)

At In2tec, we are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of technology while prioritising Sustainable Electronic Solutions. Our team is eager to collaborate with customers and we offer expert advice on best practices and materials that align with your design objectives, providing guidance on maximising your project’s potential. To learn more about how In2tec can help realise your vision, please contact a member of our team.

T. + 44 (0)1536 419200 (office hours GMT: 8.30am-5.00pm Mon-Thurs; 8.30am-2.30pm Fri)

E. Sales@in2tec.com


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