World Cup: The Tech Behind The Teams

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The Technology Giving Teams an Edge at the World Cup

The Russia World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, and in this digital age, every nation is using technology to gain an edge. In2tec Ltd is getting in the spirit by discussing sports the current and future use of fitness trackers. In professional sports ‘trackers’ are devices implemented into sports equipment, attached directly to the player or simply worn as advanced versions of the fitness bracelets available to consumers. They measure anything from real time heartrate to levels of perspiration and are used to highlight areas that need improvement and/or track health and fitness data. By giving entire teams this technology, coaches can effectively monitor strategies through GPS tracking and compare players fitness, performance and statistics.

What’s Already Out There?

So far, we have seen a plethora of wristbands analysing sleep, recovery and fatigue. Shirts with chunky electronic “boxes” that log muscle activity, heart rate, balance, pace, breathing, calories and sleeping habits with intelligent and scientifically validated feedback. Player and ball GPS trackers, producing 2D models of games for strategic analysis. Smart shoes collecting even more data, such as speed, rotation, distance and direction of kicks. All this provides even greater depth to fan discussions about player performance, and it seems player purchases are becoming increasingly influenced by this data. However, the sports fitness tracker game is only just getting warmed up.

The Future of Football Fitness Trackers

It’s time to move beyond traditional fitness trackers, and plastic-based units sitting uncomfortably on the players body, inhibiting their movement and stopping them from playing at their best. Even trackers that are made to allow complete range of motion are noticeably there. The players can feel them, see them and sometimes hear them. The social phenomenon known as the Hawthorne effect, where people being researched behave increasingly abnormally in parallel with how obvious the data capturing methods are to them, adds weight to the need for integrated, non-intrusive smart sensors.

In2tec Ltd, with their Technology HQ in Kettering, Northants, are a leading light in the development of flexible electronics. Innovating in areas that improve the ability to integrate smart sensors and electronics in clothing and on-body.

Currently “smart-wear” clothing systems, that contain some level of sensors and communication make up less than 1% of the wearable technology sector! One of the main reasons are the technical challenges, integrating electronics into a useable piece of apparel while ensuring durability and usability has not been as simple as first thought. The market has been experimenting with many ideas from woven in metallic threads to conductive printed interconnects. All have their drawbacks.

In2tec believes that the future lies in the development of Flexible Electronics. The integration of flexible substrates and conductively bonded components into the weave of the material. Integrating two technologies without compromise. In2tec are working with several like-minded companies to develop industrial level implementation of sensors, data transmission, wireless communications and energy harvesting trackers, overcoming the inconvenience and inaccuracy of current options.

“In parallel, our aim is to develop very high durability in attachment of fine pitch components on highly flexible substrates to allow on body attachment. The ability to ‘slap’ a bio sensor patch onto a professional footballer’s arm or chest before the game, measure and track performance then remove like a simple plaster at the end of the game is viable today! No bulky plastic boxes, no additional garments to carry the electronics. A real game changer.” – Neil Armstrong, CEO and founder of In2tec.


Realise your dreams

In2tec is ready to help you design, develop, test, manufacture and deliver part or all of your electronic products. Biosensors are just one small part of In2tecs capability, they specialise in solving complex electronic issues and realising customers dreams.

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