Automotive HMI 3D Solutions

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Within the industry, automotive interior differentiation is in the spotlight. Automotive OEMs have always added features to differentiate their vehicles, either from other brands or from other models in their product range. Traditionally this has been done primarily by changing the engine parameters, for example, increasing the displacement, using more cylinders, or adding a turbocharger.

In the case of EVs, these options for differentiation get curtailed substantially. Added to this, as most consumers are unable to distinguish between different motor or inverter designs, the only distinguishing factors are range, horsepower, and possibly battery charging rate.

So, interior features are becoming increasingly important to distinguish between models and from other brands. Accordingly, there are extensive opportunities for printed/flexible electronics to add additional functionality and style to the interior while facilitating efficient manufacturing.

HMI In2Sense-3D

In2tec is a leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions. For over ten years, engaged by the automotive market, we have designed and delivered products that combine boundary-pushing 3-dimensional circuitry in synergy.

Our HMI In2Sense-3D solutions facilitate the combination of style and functionality with significant size and weight reductions. These benefits only become possible by forming the electronics, sensors, and interfaces to flow seamlessly across the contoured surfaces of the automotive real-estate in which they must operate. By way of electronics, sensors and user interfaces that trace the silhouette of an automotive interior, we break down design barriers. It means HMIs can be positioned in the optimum place for the driver and passengers alike.

Our capabilities – driven by our design philosophy that “nothing is impossible”

We have invested in and developed proprietary technologies and capabilities for thermoforming 3D circuits. These offer a wide range of low-cost possibilities minimising the cost of tooling, even in low production volumes. Added to this, with the integration of passive and active SMD components, digital illumination devices and haptic sensors on a single complex curved surface, we create ergonomic and lightweight automotive HMI solutions. These can be produced with significant advances over 2D options that allow our automotive customers to create and add more beautiful aesthetic, intuitively functional contoured user interfaces.

Building on our leading expertise in flexible electronics innovation, we continue to spearhead the development of specialist 3D contoured electronics by working with world-leading printed ink manufacturers. Through the implementation of the latest generation of silver, transparent, and CNT™ inks and substrates, our touch sensors, heating, and hybrid HMI solutions can be less than 1mm thick.  

Demonstrating this, In2tec has been instrumental for a number of Formula 1 and motorsport teams’ ability to create steering wheel systems and driver controls that are extremely light, thin, and functional at the extremes of the automotive spectrum. Our development and manufacture of elegant, high-specification technologies has provided first-to-market innovations, such as the Koenigsegg ‘Chrono’ Instrument Cluster, and continues to provide solutions to our niche automotive customers in their desire for high-end driver systems and controls.

Environmentally responsible design

The right electronics open new opportunities around design, functionality and style while putting you at the forefront of innovation and user experience, but this does not have to be at the expense of the environment. At In2tec, we remain passionate and committed to delivering quality systems that benefit the application with minimal environmental impact. Providing lightweight, ultra-thin and fully flexible circuits allows us to streamline your design and remove excess material. Furthermore, by delivering only highly reliable solutions, we ensure a long product life and a reduction in potential failure points.

Crucially, we focus on recyclability and the provision of sustainable constructions that utilise less material and are easily disassembled for component and material reuse.

Interested to find out more?

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