The History of Iflex

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In2tec initially began research into Iflex, as it is now known, as an alternative to Polyimide and Copper circuits 15 years ago. Since the late 80’s, the consumer market for electronic products has been rapidly advancing, raising questions as to why the progression of how we produced the electronics had become stagnant. We had Polyimide and FR4 based structures and that seemed to be the limit for electronics.

The result of this limitation meant that the need of the OEMs was being met with either expensive electronic options, or the product designed to accommodate the electronics created previously unavoidable design barriers. With the consumer world moving on and the advances in other areas of technology, such as processors and components, it made no sense that the one thing holding product design back was the lack of progression for both the internal electronics and structure flexibility.

Our focus quickly became the core requirements of what our customers were asking for. What was the electronic requirement, and could we provide an alternative solution? Research in to substrate materials, inks, and processes instigated by our in-house R&D team, started the movement to creating Iflex.

Iflex is not an alternative “product” but a solution to deliver electronics, that meet all operational requirements, in a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.

With any new solution proof was a key factor, validation of the processes and capabilities. FR4 seemed to set the industry standard of what was required so our focus was to achieve or exceed the expectation, performance of what was currently available.

Iflex can meet the same electronic requirements/standards of Polyimide and Copper with the added flexibility for a lower cost. Iflex is not to replace what is currently available it’s to provide other solution sets across all markets.

So, our solution enabled the removal of limitations, and by using our knowledge of the materials, inks, and years of experience in producing Iflex-based products, meant we could create tailormade solutions to meet our customer requirements without a bespoke cost.

In2tec Iflex is the solution, and is the start of a critical electronic progression journey that is clearly overdue in such advanced times.

Join the Iflex journey, contact us to see what our solution sets can offer you.

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